Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So You Want Change


I do not know why so many Americans are so mad at Obama. Even though he has lied about a lot of other things, he has done exactly what he said he was going to do when he campaigned for the presidency. He said , in so many words, that he was going to tear this county apart and that is exactly what he is doing, although he was slick enough to call it change. He is keeping his promise. Before he leaves office, if he is not made king first, we will most likely be living in a communist country. We are heading that way now at a very fast pace. The sad part about it the people are still following the piper.

I do not think the "health care" bill is a bill to help Americans. I believe it was done to collapse our entire country. This health care bill kills jobs, it kills opportunity, it kills promises that taxes will not rise, and we all know it will be a killer to the unborn. Sadly, the only bipartisan aspect of the health care bill was the opposition to the legislation. Dozens of brave Democrats, stood up and voted against Obama and Pelosi’s wishes. They were the ones that could not be bought off.

Sunday’s unprecedented action in the House, handed one-sixth of our nation’s economy over to the federal government. As I said many times before this country is being torn apart by Obama. The passing of this health care bill has given him the foot hold that he needs to take more of our country apart. The sad thing is employers will be laying scores of people off because they will not be able to pay for the health care. That will be great for an economy that is already struggling. He knows exactly what he is doing. We needed improvements in the health care system, but we did not need government takeover of it. Obama saw that and seized the chance. If this health care plan that was just passed is good enough for you and me, why is it not good enough for the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barrack Obama? They have been asked that question many times and there is still no answer from them.

The next big thing that will be on his list will be to grant all the illegal’s amnesty. It is on the horizon. Obama will need to get this bill passed to guarantee the votes from these soon to be American voters, when he comes up for re-election, because he sure has lost many a vote because of this health care. That is if we have anymore elections. This will be another added burden on the working person and another part of this country gone. Soon there will be no more middle class. We will all be living on one big plantation working for the government in the new Obama world. We will all load sixteen tons and what will we get? Another day older and deeper in debt. We will owe our souls to the government, Obama’s government with leaders like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. We are in for a very rough time.

We can then look for him going all out, full force on gun control. He will go about to dis-arm all law abiding citizens. When this is done we will no longer be able to call ourselves free. Our country as we once knew it is just about gone and by the time Obama is done it will be gone. We will all get the change, and then some, of what he promised. If you think that I’m off base with what I’m saying then you really need to take a good look at Obama.

Everybody in his enter circle is a devout socialist or communist. His cabinet is mostly socialist, his new spiritual advisor is a devote socialist who is even worse than Jeremiah Wright. He has installed over forty czars that you have no say over and they make policy that you will have to live by. We now have a president and a overboard liberal congress that does not care what the American people want. We are heading for a country that the people will have to depend on the government for everything.

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