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The Poor Folks


The poor folk, The working people, as I call them, the retired and elderly, here on the Eastern Shore, live and try to work and to get by. This is becoming harder everyday. We're not sitting around some conference table, and more or less calling each other names and throwing sticks. It is like our leaders are little kids playing a game. "Sticks and Stones may break my bones." No one turns a spot light on the common folk to ask what we would like or how we would handle this change that is taking place in our country and on our beloved Eastern Shore. People are trying to hold on to their jobs, keep their homes, make the car payments and educate our children. They are struggling to survive. What are the leaders of our country doing to help us? It is plain to see "NOT MUCH" A year into the presidency of Obama and the democrats having control of congress the only thing that is coming out of Obama's mouth is: "It is Bush's fault" The "Poor Folks down on the "Shore" and across this country want to know when it is going to be your fault Mr. President.

To put it bluntly, some of the political stunts, starting with the president serving as moderator between the republicans and the democrats , left us (the people) feeling as though this was more of a staged show and a lecture than any discussion of importance. Obama seems more concerned about campaigning than being president. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have a agenda that they are going to do their best to carry out even though most Americans do not like or want what they are doing.

The voters are tired and just plain wore out. We are weary of a do nothing congress that month after month keeps doing the same thing. NOTHING! We're tired and we are weary of the do-nothing congress. We're tired of shows. What do we have movie stars or do we have people that were elected to hear the voice of the people.

The working class families are bearing the burden of the drawn out debate on health care reform, the war on terror, the recession, paying for illegals. We are the ones facing year after year of health care cost rising, we are the ones who are bearing the burdens of this nation, but yet our voice, (our cry) is not heard by our leaders. We want better health care but not run by the government. That would be worse than we have now. They do what they want. We have a president, that some times I wonder whose side he is on. It is about time that Obama and his cronies listen to the" poor folk"


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