Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Barrack Obama – the facts


Obama had a skill and ability to connect with voters that put him into the oval office.  But what has surprised me is how he has failed to connect with the voters, that put him in office, since he’s been elected. It is just the opposite. This country has gone from a yes we can president, which keep saying “CHANGE” to a people who are telling him no you can’t. The problem is he is not listening to the people. Obama has demonstrated that it is his way or the highway.

He promised during his campaign that there would be no more pork tied into the bills that are passed, there would be a transparency that everyone could see and nothing would be done in the closet. A year into his presidency we can see all that was a lie. There are more pork packages all the time, more business done behind closed doors than there ever has been, and a president that is bent on having his way at all cost, no matter what the American people want. You have liberals saying give him a chance. If you give him much more of a chance he will sink the whole nation.

He has been and is on TV more than any president that has ever been in office.  How many press conferences has he had since he has been in office?  You cannot count them all. This must have been the narcissist coming out in him. It is his need to be admired and put in the high light. And now people have stopped listening to him.  Obama’s talk and speech making goes in one ear and out the other.  He has dropped in the polls more than any other public figure since we’ve been using polls.  He’s done just about everything wrong.  He is a walking disaster. But the liberal press still gives him a pass and high marks while, everyday, more and more American people are giving him a thumbs down.

When Barrack Obama took office on January 20, 2009 it was predicted by a lot of people, including me, that his presidency would not last his term and here it is a year into his term he has just about run his course, because the things he promised and the things he stood for were so distinctively un-American.  Looking back over his year in office, we can see his policies have been so extreme and so far outside the mainstream that he is certain to pull off the most incredible fall from grace of any American president in history.  The charm and elegance is gone. The poles are going down fast! What will he do his remaining three years. Heaven help us! It is scary even to think about what he might try to do.

The only thing that he seems to do really well, with the help and support of a teleprompter, is to blame George Bush for all his failures, in his town hall meetings and other places whenever he gets the chance. No matter what the problem seems to be, it is Bush’s fault. He does this with planted people and planted questions from the Kool-Aid drinkers placed in the hand-picked audiences that he speaks to. He is so over exposed that most everybody in the television audience turns the channel when he comes on. For a while every channel you turned to there he was, like he was the movie star turned president.

Obama Kool-Aid drinkers in the media, and elsewhere, like to portray Obama as a true intellectual, a great scholar, a great thinker. If that is the case, why has he showed such a great lack of ability to learn from his mistakes?  The loud words and the in-your-face way of thinking of his Ohio speech were proof that he has absolutely misunderstand or got the wrong idea about the significance of Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts. Whatever hopes and dreams he had for his time in the White House, whatever high-flying plans he had for transforming the United States from a constitutional republic with a free market economy into a socialist dictatorship with a socialist planned economy, were all lost with Scott Brown’s win. With that victory he was sent a message by the American people, Yet, he has learned nothing from the win of Scott Brown or the message that was sent. He remains arrogant and unrepentant as to what the American people want. It is his will and not the American people’s will.

When a politically inexperienced and sophisticated young black man, with a slick, silver tongue and a remarkable skill to read words from a teleprompter, announced that he was ready to serve as President of the United States, liberals and Democrats saw it as a wonderful chance to gain a lot of ground among the minorities.  They saw it as a way to cement their power. It did not seem to bother them that, every time he walks into a room he was the least experienced and the least qualified man in the room. Yet, his friends and associates, in the socialist movement, and the international banking community figured out how to smuggle hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal campaign funds into the country, the black community rallied to his side, liberals and the mainstream media also jumped on board the Obama bandwagon.  All together, they made it happen for him.  They made him the president of this great nation. But now we see, just one year later, Obama appears destined to become a one term president. Another Jimmy Carter or even worse. We will have to wait until his term is over to see just how bad it was.

What do the American people really know about him? The only real facts that the American people do know about Obama is that, since his teen years, he has been mentored by, pulled toward, and encircled by the most dangerous kind of America hating socialists, communists, and Marxists that are known. Just look at these people, Frank Marshall Davis, Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, Rev.  Jeremiah Wright, George Soros, and numerous radical left college professors. What a line up! How would you like to be numbered with them? Your president is! The American people still have no proof of where he was born. Yet people still voted for him. With these type of friends what kind of “CHANGE” did they think that he was talking about? It sure was not pie in the sky as some thought.

clip_image003What destines Obama for the top of the list of the worst American president is not only the failure of his many socialist programs such as, the economic recovery program, the failure of his far-reaching cap-and-trade scheme, his failed attempt to give labor bosses unparalleled power to bully blue collar workers, and his failed attempt at healthcare reform, it is the fact that he has on his shoulders the hopes and dreams of every black child in America.  It is unfortunate that, because he is so far outside the American mainstream, and because he carries so much hatred in his heart for the country he seeks to lead, his failures will be viewed by generations of black children, not as the failure of a black socialist attempting to bring down a constitutional republic, but simply as the failure of a black man, which is not true. It is not the race or the man, but it is his policies. That is the shame of it all. Of all the outstanding black leaders that love this country and would have made a great president, that would have been a great leader in the eyes of the black children, and that could have made a positive mark on this country as a whole, with all races and age groups, Obama will go down as "THE KOOL AID KID" or “THE PIED PIPER” who lost the tune to his fiddle.

A man can fail in the eyes of his countrymen and still be loved by those next to him.  But in Obama’s case, for the rest of his life, each time he looks into the eyes of black people everywhere, he will see the crushing disappointment that his ill-fated attempt at national transformation has caused them. He does not or ever did have the interest of the black community in his heart or the interest of this country as a whole. The black community was a means, one of the ways, to get him to where he is at. The whole world will soon see him as he is, “a failure.”  He is simply the wrong man, in the wrong job, in the wrong country, at the wrong time.

I am sixty four years old and in my life time I believe that we will see a black president that has the love of this country in his heart as well as a concern for all the people no matter what their race, sex, or age is. The truth with most people in this country is this: It makes no difference what the color of a man’s skin is, it is like Martin Luther King said, “IT IS THE CONTENT OF THE HEART”. We need someone who has a respect for this country, someone who believes in the constitution, someone who will call a terrorist what they are: “TERRORIST”, someone who will stand tall when they go to a foreign country, not bow and apologize for a nation that is always the first to serve, first to come to the aid of third world countries with food, medical, and soldiers. This is not a “MEAN” country. It is a country of people of all races that lift their voices in unity and



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