Friday, February 19, 2010

The Back Door Jihadist

If you are a mother or father of a young child that is attending a public school this is an article that you should read if not for your own knowledge then do it for your kids. Americans have many serious problems that they must address with our government and the safety of this country is at the top of the list. We all know that we have a non-transparent president who believes that we must feel empathy toward the Muslim terrorist and also his basic do nothing attitude about them.
But recently, I received a forwarded email that was forwarded to a friend and that friend forwarded it to me. (We all know how that goes) The original email was from a woman who was very upset and the email was very upsetting to me after I read it. I decided to research the things that she said in her email because I wanted to know firsthand if this, of which she spoke, was really happening in our schools across the nation. After researching I found that everything the lady said was correct.
In her email she stated that she was told by her child about a presentation in his Global Studies class, at school, that was given by a man by the name of Hassan Shibly. Her child told her about the things this man said to the class. The pretext, or excuse, for the presentation was for Mr. Shibly to talk to the class about Islam and do away with some of the ‘misunderstandings’ and the fear of Islam. Here are some of the things he said to these boys and girls:
‘The September 11th attacks occurred because of America’s blind support of Israel and the men who carried out the attack were not Muslims, but atheists.’
‘Terrorism is an example of people reacting with their hearts and not their minds…if someone insulted your mother, wouldn’t you retaliate against them? Allah is more important than anything to a Muslim, and if you insult Allah, a Muslim can do anything to defend his belief.’
The news media lie…when a Muslim does something; they’re labeled as a Muslim while people of other religions who commit crimes are never identified by their religion.
Hassan Shibly’s father, Othman, also came to speak at the school but to a different class. The women voiced her anger that these men were invited into a school to indoctrinate and instruct underage; vulnerable minds with hate a filled belief system and a hidden agenda. She stated that she alerted the principal to a few web links that show Shibly’s affiliations[i]. She said that so far a decision has not been made whether to bring the Shilbys back to teach or not. But why was he and his father even allowed in our schools and why do you have to decide to let them come back or not to let them come back? First it was singing praises to Obama and now it is hate ideology being taught in our schools. What are our schools being used for, education, or brainwashing?
As Americans we must stand up to this kind of “education”. We must all speak out before the indoctrination and programing of our helpless kids strikes to the core of America. This is not education at all. It is Islamic Indoctrination of our children.
Muslim propaganda is determined and persistent in trying to miss lead the American people about the true Islam religion. While, at the same time, Muslim leaders across the word are calling for jihad[ii], death to America, death to the Jews, promoting and encouraging Muslims to take over the United States. Our children are told if you fear such threats you are an Islamic phobic[iii]. When mainstream Muslim schools and universities teach that apostates and non-believers must be killed and that jihad means “to war with non-Muslims to establish the religion” and that jihad is a permanent and everlasting war to get rid of all Jews, Christians, Atheist, and pagans. We are told to never think that Islamic jihad as encouraging violence. Do these nuts think we are crazy? Islamic education, like communism and Fascism, must control children’s minds, which is the best system to produce adults who will submit and they are doing a pretty good job in some of our schools right now.
The famous Muslim scholar of the 20th century, Sheikh Abu Ala Maududi[iv], said in his well-known book, “Islamic Law and Constitution,” on p. 262, that the Islamic State:
“Seeks to mold every aspect of life and activity…. In such a state no one can regard any field of his affairs as personal and private. Considered from this aspect the Islamic State bears a kind of resemblance to the Fascist and Communist states. Maududi also added “Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam.”
I wonder if the Shiblys will condemn this popular Muslim scholar to the students or perhaps they will say that he has been misquoted, or maybe he is a pagan. This Muslim propaganda and hoopla is coming to a school near you, if it is not already there. The danger is, believe it or not, if you grow up with such propaganda and misinformation, it can feel and sound normal and even holy. It makes no difference if we are doing this on purpose or inadvertently, in the name of tolerance and open mindlessness, we are bringing up a generation of Americans who will tolerate and accept Islamic Jihad, in the name of cultural belief, doctrine, and empathy, if we do not put a stop to it now.
Islam, like all other oppressive dictatorships, must use lies, propaganda and fabrications to justify the Muslim duty of jihadist and what they have to do such as violence to enlarge and dominant the world for their cause which is Islam and Shari law. That is why the Arab world is having great difficulty in adapting its hate-filled educational system, so instead of changing it they are trying to change the mind of the American people and numb us to its viciousness.
If this is not corrected and put a stop to, without delay, it will be one of the biggest mistakes in American history. What Mr. Shibly was teaching our kids is utter misinformation and Arab propaganda defending and excusing jihad, 9/11, using retaliation as self-defense, and a lot of conspiracy theories against Israel. How down right foolish and dangerous it is to allow people like the Shiblys to have access and contact to innocent and unknowing American school kids. This is our children we are talking about. We get upset, ready to fight, up in arms, and rightly so, if a child is molested, abused, abandoned, mistreated, or murdered by a sex molester, but what about these guys. They are brain washing our kids. We have a registry for sex offenders but what about these offenders that would brain wash our kids.

[i] Search the web and you will see a list of sites that shows you who this man really is
[ii] Jihad is a campaign waged by Muslims in defense of the Islamic faith against people, organizations, or countries regarded as hostile to Islam
[iii] somebody who fears or dislikes something strongly or irrationally
[iv] Maududi believed that the Islamic state should not be limited to just the "homeland of Islam". He said “it is for all the world. 'Jihad' should be used to eliminate un-Islamic rule.

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