Tuesday, December 8, 2009

WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE GAME – To win or not to win

Everyday for over ten years, if you are like me, you hear over the radio of Islam terrorist killing maiming, murdering, bombing, beheading, torturing, and doing many other terrible things to promote their idiotic religion. You may be a born again Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, Atheist, Hindu, Agnostic, Jehovah Witness, or a Mormon but none of these religions or beliefs are today killing untold thousands of people for no other reason than you are thought of as a infidel. These people are terrorizing and killing people all over this world. When are the sane and civilized nations of this world going to say enough and really do something about it? This is no poker game. People are being killed and maimed everyday. Our soldiers are being killed and sent home in body bags. They are being sent home with no arms and legs. But most of the soldiers that come back alive and in one peace want to go back because they know as we do, we can not lose this war.

The long awaited decision by our commander in chief to send more troops to the war has finally been made. Obama said that he is sending morel troops to Afghanistan, and then bring them home again starting in 2011. How can you put a date on something like that? Why are we even sending our soldiers over there to be shot, maimed , and killed if we are just going to bring them home before the mission is accomplished? Before we win. Even worse is this governments plans of building a new nation in Afghanistan and even in Iran. This is a waste of time. You will never change these peoples way of thinking. Our government said everything is okay in Iraq and going along okay, but just today {December 08,2009) there was three separate attacks in Baghdad that killed over 120 people. This still goes on every week. You can not change the way these people live. They will not give up their 72 virgins and a place in heaven. You have to deal with them like we dealt with the Japanese in World War II, which by the way saved a estimated one million American lives. We had people in our government at that time that put more value on the lives of the American soldier and the security of our nation than we did for the enemy.

Why is it that it only took this country four years to defeat the Nazi and the Japanese fanatics, but we have been fighting the Islamic terrorist for close to ten years {they have been killing us way before that} and we still have no credible plans for a decisive victory? What is the problem? We have the strongest armed forces in the world and they could achieve what ever they wanted and set out to do. So why is this war taking so long to bring to a close. The answer is so simple. If you want a dog to bite you do not keep him behind a fence or on a leash. You take him off the leash and let him bite! Lets take our Army and Marines off the leash and let them win.

Our military today has been put behind that fence, with their hands tied, and on a short lease, guided by a government that restricts the rules of engagement and strategies to promote their unproven theory of "counterinsurgency," no matter what it takes in terms of billions of dollars and the blood of our bravest young soldiers is a {I'm Sorry} campaign to make millions of Afghans more like us rather than more like the jihad-happy Tali ban drug-thugs that they really are. We have the means of stopping this war and winning it, so why play games with the lives of our young men? Why put the security of this nation and its people in jeopardy from future attacks such as the one on 911 and in Fort Hood Texas?

Some will say this isn't a conventional war. If you try to compare World War II with the war against terror you will hear the the government say: There's no comparison between World War II and today. You can say that again and again. I have to agree with that statement, but not for the same reason the government is putting forth as the reason. We must face facts. During World War II our soldiers were sent over there and told to win the war. We had generals who controlled the troops, in the theater of operations, that won the war, not by politicians sitting in Washington. The sad thing is, as soldiers will tell you, war is hell. Hell on earth.

This country waged total war on the Axis powers. They firebombed German cities and nuked Japanese cities and, in the process, they killed thousands of Germans and Japanese with those bombs. Needless to say that sounds horrible but war is war, no more soldiers had to die. The war is over and we are at peace with these countries. If you go to war you fight to win. We won and we are still a free nation. When you do not ask for a war but rather it is put on you, then you must fight to win. You fight to survive. What if the Allies, during world War II had tried to win the war with modern day Washington's theory of counterinsurgency? What if they had tried instead to win Nazi hearts and Japanese minds? Where would we be today. I will tell you where, We would be bowing to the emperor, and saluting Hitler as we goose stepped by him.

What if Gen. Eisenhower, like Gen. McChrystal today in Afghanistan, had went through German towns, asking the people, "What do you need?", “what can we do for you”, “We will not hurt you” What if Gen. MacArthur, like Gen. McChrystal today, had stressed Japanese population protection over U.S. Arm Force protection, ordering troops to guard "the people" from everything that could hurt them? What if U.S. forces had bought and paid for a Sunni-style "Nazi awakening"? What if General Patton and General MacArthur had rewritten constitutions to enshrine Nazism in Germany and Shintoism in Japan? What if the United States remained to protect the new governments from "extremists" who, as Obama said this past week, "distorted and defiled," severally, their {the terrorist} ideology and religion? Give me a break! This country would be speaking German, and the West Coast would be speaking Japanese. When are these people in Washington going to wake up? We must go all out to win this war or we will be saying the Koran, our women will be wearing sheets with their head covered, and we will all be riding jackasses with beards a mile long while we are running away from the pork chops and bacon. There will not even be a ham bone for the dog. Our government must get real about this war if we are to win. We have gone that extra mile and now it is time to win this insane and deadly war by what ever means that this country has at its disposal. It is time to get off the pot and stop spending billions of our tax payer dollars in a long drug out war that is helping to cripple our economy and for what?

Luckily, we didn't have politicians pulling the levers back then, like we have now. For an example there is an enemy stronghold in the province of Helmand that is also the center of the opium trade and it is also where most of the terrorist IEDs are made (which, by the way, is causing and has caused more than 80 percent of U.S. casualties in Afghanistan), This stronghold will be a target for the incoming reinforcements that Obama has promised. If this happen back in World War II our troops would not be put in harms way or used to destroy this strong hold. We would have bombed them until there was nothing left. There would have not been one opium seed or terrorist left. Why send in troops to be killed when the place could be bombed into surrendering or bombed off the face of the earth, which ever comes first. It should not be won by the casualties of a ground war where our soldiers will be maimed and killed, not by promising the terrorist 72 virgins and a place in heaven if they behave their self. Send them to hell because that is what they want to do to us.

he basic trouble with todays politicians is that they do not have a clue. They need to open their eyes and see the destruction that is coming. While this country is over there trying to take weak steps to bring the terrorist to submission, reading the terrorist their Miranda warnings, and paying out tax dollars through the nose, these people are already planning how to kill, or maim thousands of us again when ever they get the chance. They would nuke us along with them selfs if they thought that it would help their cause.

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