Monday, December 7, 2009

Supporting Democracy – a wake up call

  During the last year their has been a lot of wake up calls for this country since we have elected and installed our new president. We, as Americans have a lot to think about this Christmas season. How long will we remain free and how much longer will we have the freedoms that our forefathers had and enjoyed. This past year should be a wake up call for all Americans who love freedom. The take over of the banks, financial institutions, auto makers and many other businesses, including trying to impose a heath care system on this country that would set the medical field back 100 years. This has all happen in less than one year. The tripling of the nations deficit that keeps getting bigger. Everyone of these is, or should be, a serious wake up call for all Americans. We have a president that wants to make a security force that is bigger than the army and answerable only to him. Why? What is wrong with the Secret Service, FBI, CIA, ATF, and many state and local police departments?

But here is truly, a most important wake up call that most American people have just passed over and over looked. During the last two hundred years the United States has gone around the world to spread and promote democracy to other countries. Too bad Obama don't practice what this country has preached and believes in a little closer to home. All we have to do is to look at Honduras and see that this country present administration is not practicing what The United States has spread around the world in the past. That is all people are free and have the right to make a choice.

It is unthinkable that a president of freedom-loving Americans will stood toe to toe with and along side of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Cuba's Castro in their effort to sabotage and under mind the country of Honduras as they fought to keep their country free of communism and socialist values. It is beyond belief that The Obama Administration demanded that the poor country, of Honduras restore Manuel Zelaya, who was forcibly removed from power on June 29, after he attempted to subvert and destroy the constitution of that country and hold a referendum to make himself president for life. In other words he was trying to set himself up to be a dictator. There would have been no more freedoms for that little country. Here a little and there a little Zelaya was setting himself up as a dictator. He stood for the Liberal Party in the November 2005 presidential election and won by a narrow margin. But since then he has gone way to the left.

Despite his middle of the road credentials, Zelaya moved Honduras away from its traditional ally the United States, winning the support of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and other leftist (communist) leaders. Publicly backed by such leftists (communist) leaders such as Mr Chavez, Bolivian President Evo Morales and former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Mr Zelaya began to lose the support of his own party. In May 2007, Mr Zelaya ordered all of the country's TV and radio stations to carry government propaganda for two hours a day, accusing them of giving his government unfair coverage. In August 2008, he took Honduras into the Bolivian Alternative for the Americas (Alba), an organization set up by Venezuela as an alternative to the stalled US plan for a Free Trade Area of the Americas. Mr Zelaya's removal came as he pressed on with plans to hold a public conference to ask people whether they supported moves to change the constitution. This would have meant adding a question to the ballot for November's presidential election on setting up a body charged with redrawing and making a new constitution.

What happened in Honduras on June 28 was legal, although not perfect, but we are not living in a perfect world. The attorney general of Honduras charged Zelaya with violating a number of clauses of the Honduran Constitution. The Supreme Court backed him up, and when Zelaya refused to comply with the court order, a warrant was issued for his arrest. Yes, the army removed Zelaya from the country, but only because it feared violence by his communist supporters, who were already gaining a foot hold in that country, and the leaders of that country also wanted to uphold the constitution of the country. Roberto Micheletti, the former head of Congress, was the next in line for the presidency, and he was ratified for this office by an overwhelming vote, including the majority of Zelaya's own party. All of Honduras' democratic institutions were fully functioning and intact. Honduras held its scheduled presidential election Nov. 29 – the one Zelaya was seeking to undermine – and has invited in independent observers from around the globe.
This was not good enough for Obama. The Obama administration demanded that Honduras reinstate Zelaya as president even though he is not legally eligible to run again, even though he was trying to subvert and destroy the constitution of his country and its freedoms. To further strong arm Honduras into taking Zelaya back, the Obama administration cut $30 million in aid {that is a lot for a small country}, had visas suspended and stood by as the country of Honduras was dumped from the U.N. Human Rights Council by the likes of Nicaragua and Cuba, both of which are communist countries. This is no way for a freedom living government to treat or help a poor neighboring country trying to sustain and uphold a democratic government and give its citizens a better quality of life. We should have done the same to Honduras as we have done to other countries that want freedom. Help Them!

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