Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Gun Made Him Do it.

I read this morning in the Easton Star Democrat about a Washington, DC police officer that pulled a gun during a snowball fight among a group of people. A spokesman for the police department said the officer is on desk duty while the case is under investigation. As a former police chief I must say that I believe the actions of the officer were totally inappropriate and also very dangerous. A video shows the same man telling people he is "Detective Baylor" and that he pulled his gun because he was hit by snowballs. This was a police officer that had 25 years experience. Not to bring a negative light on the department, I must say, In no way should the police officer have handled the situation in this manner." Never in my life have I ever heard of a person bring a gun to a snow ball fight. This is a man that is protecting the people of Washington, DC.

This article is not to condemn police officers, because just like the majority of the American people they are good people just doing their jobs. But the question I want to ask is this: where is the anti gun nuts? Why are they not making a issue out of this incident? When ever it is a gun involved issue they are always there screaming. For sure, if it was a private citizen they would be all over it making it a nation wide issue on how bad guns are. Why are they not calling for a ban on guns in the police departments? Because according to their way of thinking, if they made a statement, it would have to be one like this, it was the gun that was at fault here, not The cop. Get rid of the guns and give them a whistle and night stick. A not a very smart way of thinking is it. But that is the way anti gun people think. What should happen is the police officer needs to be got rid of or give him the whistle and a night stick.

The police officer was put on desk duty until the investigation is over. What they will do, who knows. What needs to be done is this, the police officer should be removed from the police force. He is no different than a ordinary citizen that would do the same thing as he did. He deserves the same. But in the end, once again, it will be the same thing over again. It was the gun that was bad, not the police officer. Not the person behind the gun. The gun that he carried to protect the people of Washington, DC made him do it! Where are all the people calling for more gun control? They need to jump on this!

The Gun is Not The Problem

( This article is a response by Bill Patchett to an article in the Star Democrat news paper dated February 18 , 2018. His response below ...