Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dismatling Our Country

          Dismantling Our Country Piece By Piece
From Guantanamo,in Cuba, to Government run Health Care, To the War on terror, to the take over of big business and financial institutions Obama was, as he said during the presidential campaign, certainly seeking to Change America  in his first year as the president of this country, or more accurately, to dismantle this country, piece by piece, as we now know it. -to speed up and quicken the rate of change from a freedom based country to a Big Government- socialist run society no better off than a third rate communist country, that takes away our freedoms instead of protecting them.
His bailing Out of General Motors was nothing else other than the government take over of that car company. There is truly no other way to look at it. Obama's  policy of public, tax payer,  investments prevented necessary liquidations and reconstruction of that company . The businesses he wanted to save will either go bankrupt in the end,  or will be burdened  by a crushing load of debt. Obama undermined property rights and pushed government loans into this nations banks and bullied them into inflating  everything.  By the way, Government Motors (Obama Motors) sales are declining at 3 times the rate of the industry as a whole. Sorry but the facts are the facts and so goes it with our country.
In what world does Obama live for him to think that the economics work like this: A $14 trillion economy is sinking and employers are cutting jobs by the thousands, so what does Obama do? He raises the costs of doing business even more and  Cap & Trade is right out of a classic “command, do as I say economy” model worthy of putting it with some of the Eastern Block countries of the fifties and sixties. That will with all its  regulations will smother the US economy for decades before some people are wise enough to get rid of it amidst global cooling.
Government Health Care, so far,  is Obama’ signature legislative “accomplishment.” In time, people will see, it will be the millstone that hangs around their necks. This policy decision made by Obama was directly the opposite of the choice Ronald Reagan made when he was president. Reagan said government was not the solution to our problems , government was the problem. How right he was. The bigger the government the bigger the problems. During the Reagan years taxes and regulations , were dramatically cut, the economy rebounded and tax revenues doubled. Obama’s policy, on the other hand was, and is, to have government spend our way out of our economic problems. Sadly for us the spending, taxing and borrowing is not the  remedy for too much existing debt and the far too high existing tax burden.

The Congressional Budget Office has pointed out, in the long run, Obamanomics will hurt more than it will help. Given its short term-failure, it’s hard to imagine something worse and it is even harder not to call this one of his worst policy decisions. Socialized medicine doesn’t work, never has and never will and will be nearly impossible to repeal –  and it will bankrupt this nation. The rate that this country is going China will soon be the new rulers in Washington, DC.
Down through the history of our country, we have treated enemy combatants as those committing an act of war against this country. That is so because they are not US citizens, and their acts were acts of war. In other words, they were not criminal acts of a US citizen committed during peace time. Now, however, Obama has allowed at least one enemy combatant to be tried in a US criminal court subject to the constitutional laws of our country which he is not entitled to. There is a big list of horrible and alarming things that will come out of this decision  and include putting America on trial, tearing down the barriers between citizens and non-citizens and changing the way we fight wars, and not leaving out the danger that a foolish decision like this makes.
 On November 16,2008 after Obama’s big victory, Time Magazine carried an article that read: “Missile-defense skeptics who are longing for a fresh look at the wisdom of putting $10 billion annually into missile defense will not get it from Barrack Obama when he moves into the Oval Office. That is how so very wrong the Time Magazine was. Obama did, in fact, cancel the long range system – just as every liberal Democrat has been wanting to do to American defense systems in their pursuit of less guns and more money to spend else where on their liberal “pork barrel” projects. So why was that Obama’s worst policy decision? Even worse than nationalization of health care?  You do not negotiate for years with an ally, like Poland, who depends on this country for back up and security, then pull the plug on that security – what is that saying to our allies, like The State of Israel! It is these countries that can no longer count and rely on the United States. Obama’s based his decision to abandon the longer range missiles  on the  premise that Iran is no longer interested in longer based offensive missiles. Obama is trusting Iran against the advice of a lot of good advisers. How wrong he was. That Decision tells Middle Eastern countries,that you better defend yourself the best you can. It was an apparent caving into Russia without any  tactual benefit, and It is in keeping with his other defense cuts which send a strong statement to our enemies, when you consider his weak rhetoric.   Dean Acheson, Secretary of State under Truman,  was the man who turned his back on South Korea, which led to the Korean War, would certainly be most impressed with Obama.  All in all, when it comes to the nuclear world, ignoring Thomas Jefferson’s advice that “Weakness provokes insult & injury,” seems beyond a bad policy decision – it is Obama's  worst policy decision. However, the worst may be yet to come. The year is not over yet

The Gun is Not The Problem

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