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 If Hillary is to be the example of what a female president is supposed to be and she becomes our first female president then we as a nation are in serious trouble.  Hilary Clinton has the honor and integrity of the most despicably dishonest candidate, man or woman, to ever try to scheme and conspire their way to the White House. What kind of government will she have is easy to see.
Just look at the destruction of Venezuela under Hugo Chavez, whose socialist agenda destroyed that country while he became a more than rich. This is the sort of government that Obama admires, and the kind Hillary will most certainly put in place if she’s elected president of this country. Hillary’s administration will bring with it, a huge and enormous increase of illegal immigrants, and we must not forget the addition of one million Syrian Muslim refugees, who will stretch American dollars past the limit, requiring a tax increase to pay for it. So add that all up and see what the American people will get or gain by voting for her.
 She will be like Chavez, she will restrict the growth of private enterprise, choking it out by favoring government controls that will control and cover all parts and phases of our lives, as we move toward a replica or type of a communist society that was embraced and adopted by Chavez, and in the end brought down Venezuela to its knees. Now, the country is corrupt and crumbling t It no longer has a structure. The structure of this country is already bending under the heavy load of Obama’s rule. The people of Venezuela are without the basics things they need, little food and even less hope. Is that what the American people want for our country? Is that who we really are?
Socialism’s (I like the word Communism better) redistribution of wealth only choke, and strangles the ability of a person to excel and make something of his self. It ends up taking away from the people the aspiration for fulfillment that pushes a person to work harder, try harder and achieve success in the field they choose. Socialism ends up degrading people, forcing them to stand in the shadows of rulers that have control of their empty lives. This is what is happening to America now by all the freebies that are given out such as free cell phones and other things.
Obama made way for the pieces to fall into place for, Hillary Clinton, to take his place. It will be under Hillary Clinton that we will see our great country, America, start to crumble, just as Venezuela did if she is elected president. Socialism and its infrastructure will not be able to survive the aspirations desired by this greedy woman and her crony’s , as they work to destroy the world’s once greatest government and replace it with a ‘doomed to die’ socialist disaster. America, like Venezuela, will fail, because it will be burdened with too much government and accompanied with the greed it produces, Queen Hillary in spite of her former glory, will also stumble to a devastating finish, just like the once great America. Think about what was said.
I said all that to say this, Thank the Lord America has another option, Donald Trump. He is opposed to socialism, and is pro growing business, the economy and creating jobs. Donald Trump is against the thousands of Obama’s regulations that have made growing businesses impossible and Hillary will add to these regulations. He’s dead set against - big government intervention into people’s lives. He is a Christian and pro-life. Trump is in support of women and equal pay. He’s against illegal immigration, but strongly in favor of legal immigration. He insists all immigrants be legally documented and why they are here. Trump won’t tolerate masses of illegal persons crossing our borders but all are welcome legally.
Trump will uphold our Constitution and the “RULE OF LAW” and not allow Shari law to become any part of our legal system. Shari law is totally opposite to and incompatible with the Constitution of The United States. We live in a Republic not some country in the dark ages. People including the “what you gonna give me” crowd had better wake up while they still have a chance to. Last, Donald believes media inspired political correctness, phony accusations and name calling is a dangerous tool, and shuts down much needed dialogue. Disposing of this childish practice could end some of the hostility between the American people. Donald Trump wants to and will Make America Great Again with the help of the American people working together with him.


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