Sunday, April 3, 2016


I proud to say that I am part of the fifty per cent of the people in this country who did not drink your Kool Aid, Mr. Obama, either time you ran for office.  It still blows my mind that so many people drank it TWICE. Not once but twice. And what really gets to my innermost being is people who claim to be Christians voted for him knowing what he stood for was wrong and against God's Word. How can that be. Everything that he stands for is contrary to the teachings of the Bible.

 I pray daily for our country to find a way to heal all that has gone wrong over the last seven years. Because it is going to take a turning from the evil ways that are now in place, in this country and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. This country is so far off course that it will take a long while to come back to the sure footing this country was founded on.

In just His two terms in office he has divided a nation, and has weaken the free world. However we can not only blame him. The people in power in the Congress  have allowed him to get away with his executive over reach and violating the CONSTITUTION of this great land. The checks and balance that is supposed to be in place has been completely ignored. The Congress could have and should have brought everything to a full and complete stop and placed him in check or just remove him from office. But what did they do. They endorsed everything illegal and unconstitutional Obama  has done by not mounting a serious and meaningful opposition to him and his actions. But what can we expect from leaders that are only looking out for there self. The sad thing is he told everybody exactly what he was going to do, CHANGE THIS COUNTRY, and he did it by handing out freebies to the “Whatcha going to give me crowd” Free this and free that. One women even thought Obama was going to pay her car payment. This is scary that people with no better mind set than that can vote and elect someone to the highest office in the land.

How far down hill have we come as a nation who once believed in the Holy Scriptures and the teaching of the Almighty God. If it were not for a few righteous people who keep praying and interceding for this country we would already be suffering beyond what could be imaged.

Now we have two people who are running for office of president and if either one of them get elected they will carry on Obama’s agenda. While all this is going on we have a Republican Party that if they do not get with what this country was founded on will hand them the election. They really are no different than the Democrat Party. They are in it for what they can get out of it. They need to get behind a good candidate and support him instead of what they are doing now. Our who country is at stake.

For some years now I have not affiliated with a party. I just registered independent because I am a Christian first who serves Jesus The Christ and then a conservative who believes on the principles put into place by our founding fathers.

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