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Just The Facts

just-the-facts_edited-1Remember the old TV show called Dragnet where the police would use the phrase when they were investigating a crime, “Just the facts, ma'am” In other words they wanted to get past all the talk that was not helping the case which they were investigating. The American people should be saying the same thing as they look into and investigate the condition and the ongoing problems of this country. Just the facts!

The American people need to look at what has happened to our country during the past 5 ½ years and get just the facts. There are important facts that Most liberals and progressive fail to recognize. There has been a Democrat president, Obama, in the White House for the last five and a half years and even today he (Obama) blames his predecessor (George Bush) for what he calls “the mess he inherited.” But if a person really looks into the issues during two of those critical years, the Democrat president (Obama) had a Democratic Congress and if a person would look into and investigate the issues we would see that Obama and the Democrat controlled congress during those two years were responsible for a great deal of deficit spending. Our current leadership is a big part of what is wrong in America today.

Such issues as the bail outs of GM and Chrysler, not to mention a select group of financial firms in the banking industry, and just look at the disaster known as Obamacare. Two years after the passage of Obama Care, many of those congressmen who voted for the bill are trying to exempt themselves from its burdensome tax on the voters they were elected to serve. Let me guess, that is Bush's fault too. What a joke and a travesty when the very people who want to impose it on the American people do not even want it for themselves.

In the five and a half years under Obama, a Democrat president, we have increased the national debt between six and seven trillion dollars with no end to the spending in sight. And Obama still wants to spend our money. He is still pushing Obama Care and he is not only aware it will cost trillions to put into operation but he knows just as well it will without doubt lead to  government-run health care, which is already stopping most of this country’s economic growth. Employers will not hire anyone as a full time employee and in most cases will not hire at all.

Government health care has been such a great success in Britain and Canada that many people come to the United States for treatment of

serious conditions.

Just like most Americans I want accountability for national issues when they arise. I do agree, with other Americans that we should meet head on and confront our representatives when they distort the facts and that goes for all of our elected officials including Obama. So Mr. president would you please explain what happened in Benghazi and stop the lying to the American people. The same goes for Fast and Furious, the IRS, And the National Security Agency. Why are we still sending money and military aid to country’s that hate us, and more importantly why are you still trying to go forward with Obama Care when you know the disaster it will cause.

Could it be that is what you, Mr. President, want disaster? Everything that you do seem to point that way. When you ran for office you promised transparency but everything that you do is sure not that way. We need a leader that is straight forward and gives us “JUST THE FACTS”



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