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The Politically Correct Boy Scouts

The national leaders in charge of the rules and regulations for Boy Scouts of America, voted yes, in May of this year, to allow the membership of openly gay Boy Scouts. They can now come out of the closet. Professor Beth Galley said, “It brings the Boy Scouts back into the mainstream of America.” In other words it now makes the Boy Scouts Politically correct in the country that we live in. But in fact this ruling will destroy the Boy Scouts as an effective moral compass for our youth. Just like giving condoms and birth control pills to children will destroy their moral compass. What is really going on here is there are people in this country that wants to get rid of God and His biblical standards. They have succeeded in our government, most churches, and many other groups. 

Scouting is a private organization that has been around for at least a hundred years. It teaches young men a standard of living, a belief system and a moral compass to live by. I remember when I was in the scouts and at that time it was a place where parents could send their young men to learn moral and spiritual values plus many other earthly values that would help them as they grew older to become a good moral fiber in our society. Because of the latest ruling from the leaders of the scouts those things are now going to go down the drain. Another victory for the politically correct crowd that it seems is trying to dominate our culture and to do away with God’s standards.

Now as a direct result of the pressure from activists of the gay community, the Boy Scouts have lowered and changed their mission statement. The Boy Scout oath of “On my honor, I will do my best to keep myself physically strong, mentally alert and morally straight.” On my honor, mentally alert and morally straight are strong words with high standards and keep values high. What will happen now?

The Boy Scout’s national committee said, “The organization will not sacrifice its mission and allow the organization to be consumed by a diverse and unresolved societal issue.” I’m sorry but that's precisely what has happened. As a society this country, for the most part has started to change the meaning of words today to meet the needs of being politically correct, doing away with many years of living by God’s standards and His moral compass. As I remember Boy Scouting stood for something; but let me say this, when you change your standards, you will stand for nothing. The Scouts, as well as the people of this country, need to lift up a standard.

Changing and twisting the rules, giving a new definition of words, which are the core of Scouting, is wrong! Boy Scouting will never be the same as it once was! The Scouts at one time was a mark of excellence! This country is no longer at a cross road. The country has chosen to take the broad road of destruction.


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