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OBAMA: The Power Hungry President

It is sad to have to say and repeat certain issues again but those of us that love this country must do that or else we will lose it to a man that wants to destroy this country as we know it. A man that cannot tell the truth, a man that says one thing and does another. We have a man as the leader of this country that wants to be a dictator and also wants to destroy this nation as we know it.
Obama does not respect our Constitution or understand it. His recent attack on the Supreme Court made it very clear, and this isn’t the first time Obama has attacked the court. He did it in his State of the Union speech two years ago. At that time, it was on a decision the court had made, not on an issue it was deciding. His arrogance and egotism to try to influence the highest court in the land should be extremely disturbing to the American people. He came as close as you can to intimidating and threatening the Supreme Court. The president warns the Supreme Court not to overturn his health care program. How dare he? Who does he think he is?  He must have forgot the Constitution was created with three parts of government, the administration, the Congress and the court system headed by the Supreme Court? To call the court unelected individuals who should follow what the Congress and the president wants goes against the essence and real meaning of our democracy. Obama is sounding like a dictator of a third world country where a president in a quest for power attacks the elected legislative officials and tries to tear down the court system to take over a democratic system. That is exactly what he is doing and he would like to be a dictator.
The judicial system was upheld in the Madison vs. Mayberry over 200 years ago.  Everything Obama does is calculated, premeditated, done for a purpose and political. He is setting up the Republicans and the Supreme Court for attacks if the court goes against him.  There are a number of instances when presidents have disagreed with decisions of the court and have enforced the law. Obama said the law was passed by a large majority of the Congress and the court should acknowledge the will of the elected officials. What a big lie to say to the American people. The bill was passed by five votes in the House with all Republicans voting against it, and the Senate made the required 60 votes because Sen. Reid bribed the senators from Connecticut, Nebraska and Louisiana with pork programs for their states. It made it by just one vote. In all instances, the Republicans voted against the bill. What we have here is a clear picture of Obama attacking the institutions of our free democracy. He is not a dictator yet, but if he is elected to another turn he will be close to being one.  He has no regards for any other branch of our government if they do not go along with him.
 The Congress that was elected in 2010 to stop the spending and to stop Obama has been attacked and vilified by the president. He has done a hatchet job on them, criticized, belittled them, and run then down every chance that he gets. The health care bill carries attacks on religious freedom by forcing the Catholic Church to provide insurance for procedures that are against their conscience. The president can give waivers to unions, certain stores and other supporters but not to a religious organization. Why is that? He then tries to turn it into a women’s issue. It clearly was an attack on, our (Christian) religious freedom.  Even the 5th circuit responded to Obama and reminding him (the want to be dictator) that there are three forms of government, in this country and they will do their part and he should do his. They ordered the attorney general to respond to a request on the powers of the court.
This is, clearly, an attack on our governing institutions by a power hungry president that wants to be more than just a president. If this man is elected for a second term LOOK OUT.  We are already, under him, saying good bye to the country that we all love and if he is re elected there will be nothing left.


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