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Let's Keep All Three!

Did you know that the American people  spent over $52 billion on Black Friday this year. The amazing fact about this is besides the usual sweaters and iPods, cell phones, flat screen TVs;  this year the shoppers were buying something else in large and vast numbers: guns, mostly revolvers and automatic pistols. The FBI, who dealt with the requests for background checks of potential gun buyers, said that 129,166 such checks were made on Black Friday, Nov. 25,  This broke the previous single-day record hat was set on Black Friday 2008,  by just about a third. This surge in gun sales was reported by   USA Today. Analysts, and people in the know  whose focal point is on firearms say this increase is part of a years-long trend of increased gun ownership by the American people. In a recent Gallup poll, 47 percent of respondents said there was a gun in the household, up from 41 percent just one year ago.  You have to stop and think why this is happening.  Is there a reason for all this?

More people are buying guns these days, mainly handguns.  During the month of  November, the number of background checks processed by the FBI rose by around 16 percent since last year-ago levels.  It is unlikely these weapons are being bought to wrap up and put under a Christmas tree because most states have laws that prohibit buying a gun for someone else, so this tells us people are buying them for their selves. The number of first-time buyers and women buying guns has been on the rise for a few years, which may have contributed to the high numbers on Black Friday. Information  from the National Sporting Goods Association tell us that there is an increase in the number of female gun consumers, including a nine percentage point jump from last year to this year.   Fire Arm Dealers are telling us 25 percent of the customers are first-time buyers.  Many gun dealers that enroll firearm apprentice in safety and training courses say that their classes are full and people are on a waiting list. This is a good indicator and factor that indicates the growth in the number of new gun owners.  It looks like political correctness to some degree is out the back door.  The fact is people are becoming more scared for their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

Five years ago it was politically incorrect (to own guns),  so what seems to be changing is the fact that most American people do not feel secure in their homes, let alone walking down the street. This is not only in the large cities but every where. There was (and it is documented)  a rush to buy guns, by scared Americans (and rightly so)  around the time of the last presidential election, apparently because hunters and gun owners feared  Barack Hussein Obama would push for more gun-control laws and stronger restrictions in gun ownership. His record indicates that. When people thought that there was a chance Obama would be elected and right after he was elected  people rushed out and stocked up on guns and ammo.  In the past year, the focal point has switched to handguns. This is in spite of the economic downfall and the loss of jobs in this country. People have in the past very few years have become concerned for their safety.  They should be scared and worried with the government that we have now.

 In the past two or three years it is more acceptable, by most Americans,  to own a gun than it was just a few years ago because they no longer think that their government and their leaders can protect them. Americans can see the writing on the wall. This country is becoming more and more violet everyday with not only the usual crime that takes place, but we now have to contend with Islamic terrorist who want  (if you are a Jew or a American) to kill you.  Then we have a border that is not secure and more and more of Mexico’s violent criminals are crossing and committing violent crimes because the pickings are better and for the most part the federal government does little or nothing to stop these people. We have a justice department that has just turned over thousands of guns to Mexico’s worst criminals and now are denying the fact that they did it or they know nothing about it, when in fact most likely the knowledge of this goes all the way to the Barrack Hussein Obama’s White House.

Years ago when I was much younger, than I am now,  there was three things that most Americans had in their homes.  They had a belief in God, There was a gun in just about every bodies house, and most Americans had the guts to stand up for their religion and the guts to bare the arms if necessary to protect their home and their liberty. The sad fact in this country today God, Guns, And Guts have gone out the back door with the “Silent Majority”.  We live in a country of political correctness, which in the opinion of this writer, is destroying America.


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