Thursday, September 1, 2011

WE THE PEOPLE: Should Be Concerned

Under the Obama Regime our federal government has twisted and created a lot that “We The People” ought to and must be concerned about. The much-talked-about "stimulus" bill is a huge extension and increase of government authority. This was a bill most Americans did not want. The bill was rapidly pushed through Congress without enough time for legislators to appropriately review it as it should have been done, (most of them did not know what was in the bill), and now it infringes on the rights and privacy of every American. It became the law of the land over night. What great things that are done in darkness behind closed doors! Sounds like Hitler’s Germany all over again.
Because of Heath Care Reform we now have to make our medical records accessible to the government? Where did all the privacy go? Heath Care Reform  is now the law of the land. Another bill that the American people did not want, but it makes no difference what the people want, it is what Barrack Obama and his liberal friends want. I believe that this bill will lead to the government making an effort to administer many new laws. For instant one would be to ban guns from all citizens. There are  folks who been denied from gun ownership because they sought (or will seek) treatment for certain conditions. This has already been done to our military veterans, by bill HR 2640 (the "Veterans Disarmament Act"),  and permanently strips gun ownership rights from U.S. military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, or who have Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) -and these aren't the only conditions that allow the government to disarm our vets. I wonder just how many have post-traumatic stress disorder in the first place?
Gun Owners of America reported that even before HR 2640 became law, "up to 140,000 veterans [had] ALREADY BEEN DISARMED and denied ownership of firearms by using distorted and warped interpretations of the federal code. That figure was released by Congress' own research team, which is called The Congressional Research Service. The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is the policy research arm of the US Congress. With its $80 million budget and 800 employees, it issues about 3,000 briefs, reports, short issue papers and longer position papers per year. On March 22, 2007 the CRS moved to restrict access to its reports from the American people.  Why was this and who was behind that decision? I believe the policy of disarmament could be easily applied to all citizens of the USA -- and that some in the Federal government, including Obama, wants to do this very thing. Returning soldiers, from the war, are labeled by some of the liberal government as terrorist and a threat. They now have the tool, or bill, to take guns from them. They can label anybody they want, as having post- traumatic stress disorder. Who will be next, the Tea Party Members, The Christians, people who oppose Obama (who are also called racist), or the hunters, it could be almost anybody!  You can bet one thing, the criminals, the illegals, and the terrorist will still have their guns long  after the honest American people will.
Also attached to the Health Care Bill" and passed with it was the “National Security Police Force Bill” which Barrack Obama wanted. The bill was sneaked in as an attachment. Sneaky way of doing it. This is more of the “change” we were promised at election time. Most Americans are numb to these things. They know nothing. To have a national security force is the same as what Hitler had in Germany in the 1930’s. Remember the SS and the Gestapo? Why does any leader or country such as ours need a security force that only answers to Obama or whoever the president might be? We already have local, county, state, and federal police agencies now.  It is called people control! You cannot control the people until you control their minds and the ones they cannot control they want to render them harmless.

Also written into law with this "stimulus" is a provision (what I call a hidden agenda) which many believe will produce millions of dollars' worth of government backing for liberal organizations such as ACORN. Acorn has a history of voter fraud (which we all know) and they are a staunch supporter of anti-gun candidates (although they're will tell you they are non-partisan), Acorn has pushed anti-gun measures in the past, and now they can keep on doing it with the taxpayers' dollars.
More and more laws has been and are being pushed for , (behind close door laws) , and are coming dangerously close to becoming law.  There's a bill, (S. 22), which would enlarge the amount of land that is covered by the National Park Service. Why is this? Because The National Park Service bans all gun possession on most of its land, this would create huge new areas of the United States in which it would be illegal to own or even have a gun. This would included six hundred fifty miles of public highways which would be turned into an anti-gun zone by designating it a "historic trail." (The route would run from Rhode Island to Virginia, including portions of U.S. Route 1 and Interstate 95, and would pass through a number of metropolitan areas.) All this is part of the change that Barrack Obama  promised.  Just like with Hitler in Germany you ban all fire arms and them you have (like Hitler)  your own army (like Hitler’s Gestapo) and then you can change the system and rule, not govern it.  
The list could go on and on about how this administration wants to disarm the American people and take their rights away. What we need is a leader that will stand up and tell the American people; “I HEAR YOU” A leader and a congress that will give back to the people what the canker  worm has taken away.  Give  back our freedoms, our schools, and our way of life. What we do not need is another four years of Barrack Obama and his socialist (communist) Agenda. We do not need another four years of America being tour down by a president who does not like this country and is now in the process of dismantling it piece by piece.

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