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Social Security

Social Security is a social insurance program that is funded through dedicated deductions (To be used for a certain purpose) in the payroll checks of working Americans. It is not taxes or government money! 
Obama has heard the retired people loud and clear on Social Security, so if he does not pay it, it will be because he chooses that route, not because he can’t pay it. The fact that he is even using it as leverage is downright evil. He knows what he is doing! That should be the last money Obama touches because it has always been our money in an “untouchable lock box” for retirement, even though, we know, the government  has been spending it for years. Social Security was designed to be a government run savings account for us, and they have turned it into a free checking account for themselves. And let’s face it, the longer and larger we dig this debt hole, the less chance the people (who have been trusting the government and paying into social security their whole lives) have of receiving their money. Most people have already have written off receiving any chances of seeing any of the money That  they have paid in. Either the government will have defaulted by the time  they are supposed to get it, or they will have raised the age to the point that the people will be dead before it kicks in. Obama  has dictator potential written all over him. That is a scary thing, but let’s hope there are enough people still out here who appreciate and understand freedom to prevent him from accomplishing that.

You have probably heard the math and talk on the TV and the radio, that there is plenty of money every month to keep paying social security, veterans, even our debt payments at this point,  if they would cut in other things… but they ( Obama and the Democrats) won't because that is the places  where their votes are.  The free hand outs.  Obama's plan (any body can see it) is to scare people and then hang the results around conservative necks. The scary thing is that it might work, since Obama and his democrat party  control almost all of the corridors of power and influence… media, schools, Hollywood, Federal reserve, banks, etc. They are a minority but they have been very smart over the last 40 years in positioning themselves in the places of influence so that now they can mislead the American people at will, because they can make their message consistent from so many different angles in our society because of all free hand outs to people who have never paid a dime into anything. It’s a scary and a defining time in the life of our nation. With Obama as the man in charge it is even more scary!

As tired as most of us are of all of this, and as much as we just want to make a reasonable living, enjoy spending time with our families, focus on raising our kids,  enjoying our grand kids, and, if you are like me,  sharing the gospel when I have opportunity, we cannot afford to sit down and shut up. Most of us feel the same way, so let us have a determination to get the word out.

Note:  Thanks to my friend John for parts of this article


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