Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Real State of The Union!

I never listen to Obama's state of the union address last night.I already had enough of his changes and lies, over the last two years and who knows where this nation will be or the state of the union will be in the next two years. Will there be a union in two years?

I have talked to several senior citizens who lived back in the great depression and they all have said the same thing:  this recession as our government calls it, is just as bad as the great depression. Back then people depended on each other, their church, their faith, and doing for their selfs and for each other. They did not depend on Wal-Mart for food or the super market. They did not look for handouts from the government and if there was a government handout the people had to work for it. Back then if there was a chicken in the pot you worked for it. Now we have a generation of people with a case of the give me-s because they have new worked even when there was jobs there. Why? Because they were born in a "Great Society" that gave them everything.

Now we have people that will not even work in a pie shop eating pies because we have a president that promises everything, but does not deliver. The poor are getting poorer, not because of the rich man, but because of the government. It is called control! I have worked for everything that I ever had in my life and my father before me, and my sons after me. No one has ever give me anything except God and that was His Son "Jesus The Christ"

No matter who is in office, what the government does, if this nation does not turn back to God, the teachings of the Bible, and put our faith and trust in Him there will be no "UNION"

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