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How Many Times Does One Start Over?

  A senior United States government official said on Tuesday that the Obama Administration was ending its pressure on Israel to impose another Jewish building freeze and would be going back to the drawing board to try and figure out a new way to bring peace in the Middle East. How many times over the years has people gone back to the drawing board to come up with a peace deal? Washington has, finally, awaken to the fact that even if Israel imposed another building freeze, it still would not bring peace or any kind of meaningful discussions or progress with the Palestinians. There would be no give and take with the Muslims in Palestine. They want it all or nothing. It is about time The Obama White house figured that out because most Americans already have. No matter what the deal is there is always something wrong with it. You can only pacify any nation or its people for so long, when they are bent on one thing and that is the destruction or Israel and not only Israel but the world as we know it. It is time for the western world to wake up. There comes a time when we must say enough is enough and stand up to the truth of the matter. Most Americans know this but choose to turn their heads the other way.

Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he had agreed in principle with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to impose another freeze for 90 days in order to facilitate renewed peace talks. The state of Israel wants peace but the Palestinians immediately said the US-Israeli proposal did not go nearly far enough. With them it never goes far enough! How do you deal with people when what ever you do it is not enough?The United States now wants to start a new round of talks with Middle East leaders, and hopes to invite Israeli and Palestinian leaders to Washington this month for separate talks. What good will that do and what good has it ever done. I wonder if Israel’s leader will have to go in the back door [again] while the Muslim leader will go in the front door with much fanfare and pomp.But, now, the Palestinians have other plans.

A week ago the leaders in Palestine said that the United States and their efforts to bring peace based on two-sided negotiations have failed and that the Palestinians must now “turn to the broader framework of the international community” (meaning the United Nations) to impose a settlement to the conflict and we all know what that means. There is nothing more crooked than the United Nations. There will never be no peace in the middle east because most Muslim people do not want peace! They want Israel wiped off the face of the earth and they will not stop their fighting until they are crushed or the nation of Israel is destroyed and we all know that will never happen.


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