Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Clueless Obama!


While at my neighborhood Wal Mart I saw a Boy throw a empty soda can on the parking lot. A person that was passing by said to the boy: "Hey, pick that up." The boy, with a straight face, stood his ground and he said, "I just created a job here Mr." Someone would be hired, the boy said, to pick up the trash, and it would be good for the economy.
DON”T LAUGH! That boy most likely works for the Obama administration and that is no laughing matter. That should be a page out of his book!
Did you know that our Congress is now taking into consideration another "stimulus" package. But did the administration's previous one work? NO! Of the 787 billion dollar stimulus package, President Obama said it would "save or create" 3.5 million new jobs. Has it? The answer is again NO!
Most businesses in the private sector will tell you that the stimulus package did not work. Seventy-three percent said the employment at their companies was neither higher nor lower as a result of the stimulus package. Wasted tax payers dollars by a man who has never run a business let alone a country.
"President Obama's economic recovery package has actually hurt the economy more in the long run than if he did nothing. " What do normal, regular, real-world people think? In December 2009, a Rasmussen poll asked likely voters whether the "stimulus" helped, hurt or did nothing. I agreed with the private-sector economists, the stimulus package did not work, and it did more damage than it helped
5,000 people were asked these questions. Here are the answer to those questions. Do housing restrictions increase the price of housing? The answer is yes. Whether the restrictions are good or bad is another issue. But restrictions on any commodity, such as food, shelter, clothing, electric, or you name it. increase the price of that commodity — No matter what it is. Do minimum wages increase unemployment? The answer is NO!. Whether one accepts this as a worthy trade-off is a separate question. The lefties blames the economic crumpling of this nation on " greediness," and “self-indulgence” by the rich while they close their eyes and pay no attention to the role the federal government had in all this.
Obama wants to find "whose ass to kick." About the oil spill in the Gulf. He's called for a suspension and freeze on new offshore drilling. But answer this question: Why do we drill offshore for oil that is more than a mile deep? Drilling in shallow water is already off-limits This is pushing companies to take out oil from more unsafe and hazardous places? Should we take another look at the restrictions on clean nuclear power.
So , Mr Obama, in the search for "ass to kick," start with your own and the liberal democrats in congress who has put all the dangers there. You can never have restrictions to the point of losing it all.
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