Sunday, May 9, 2010

Stand Up Americans And Cry Out!


This week in California we had four students who had on T-shirts that had a American flag on them. When they went to school they were asked by school officials to either turn them inside out or take them off and put on something else. While everyday Hispanic students wear their Mexican flag on their clothing everyday. Over three hundred Mexican Students walked out of the school in protest because four students were wearing American flags. What is happening here? Do we still live in America or has Mexico already taken over?

We have a president – and that would be Obama - who will not respect the flag by putting his hand over his heart or salute it and wants to change the design of our flag. He wants part of the constitution re- wrote. What is happening here. We have a president – and again that would be Obama - who thinks we have 57 states ( there are 57 Muslim states). He made that clear when he was running for president. He calls the acts of terrorism against this country: “Man made disasters”. Almost all the time he sides with the (radical) Muslim world in all they do and will most of the time offer excuses for them. Our alley since 1948 is being snubbed by our president and it is simply because he does not want to offend his Muslim brothers in the world. He calls our police officers stupid and promotes socialism in many way. The one that grips me the most is him wanting to spread the wealth around. In other words take it form hard working Americans and and give it to the people who will not work in a pie shop tasting pies.

We have a federal government that will not protect its people. All along our borders we have illegals crossing it by the thousands everyday – and yes they are Mexicans. - Americans are being, murdered, assaulted, raped, and their property destroyed everyday along the border and now it is spreading all across our land. We have Arizona passing its own law to protect its citizens because the federal government will not. Now we have other states following Arizona such as Texas, a border state, and Pennsylvania a state which is not even near the border. What ever happen to American pride. It is like no one cares anymore about America and what she stands for. The point is if you are in this country illegally you are breaking the law. The point is if you come to this country – legally - then blend in with everybody else and learn our ways and our language. We should not have to press one for English.

If you think you are saving any money by having illegals doing your work then you are wrong. I was at a super market just this past week and in front of me was a Hispanic women with two cart of food that she immediately paid for with government food stamps. That did not bother me as much as it did when after she paid for the food with food stamps that she pulled out a large roll of money and payed for some tobacco products. Why could she have not spent her roll of money for her food? The answer to that is the money is going back to Mexico to support other relatives until they can get here. We have hospitals that are under a strain or are closing down because of the illegals. We have schools on our borders were Mexican kids cross the border and come to school here and their education is being paid for by the United States Tax payer. This is illegal and it is costing the tax payer millions.

So we have these two problems, among many others, that are facing us today, that in time if nothing is done, will destroy this country. They are Terrorist ( Obama's man made disaster – as he puts it) and illegals that are draining the country. Both of which our federal government will do nothing about. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? On the other side of the picture we have a federal government that will do nothing about the illegal aliens that are flooding our country. They turn a death ear to the 67% of the American people who want it stopped.

We can not have Bibles, prayer, or say anything about Christ in our schools, but yet the federal government will allow foot basins in some public schools for Muslims to wash their feet before prayer. What is wrong with this country. We have Muslim terrorist who are trying to kill all Americans and Obama calls their acts of terror “A man made disaster” and said that he has “empathy” (sympathy and a fellow feeling) for them. The question to be asked is: “Whos side is he on?” In the history of our country we have never had a president that is so bent on tearing this country apart and destroying the American way of life.

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