Sunday, September 6, 2009


When a person reaches my age you have seen a lot and you remember a lot. As a person remembers the past some like me wonder how we got where we are today. People think different, act different, talk different, and for the most part are different. As I thought things out the most of the difference is the loss of a lot of our liberties. Liberties taken away by the federal government over the last Fifty years. Fifty years ago. Not only liberties but the government has done so many things that no wonder we are where we are today. Just let me mention a few of them:

When you wanted to buy a hand gun, rifle, or shot gun all you did was walk into sears or some local store and buy what you wanted. Now Sears does not even sell a shot gun. You hunted most anywhere you wanted. Now most every field, every woods, has a no hunting, no trespassing sign on it and to buy a gun it is almost impossible with all the back ground checks that the government has in place, to stop the wrong ones as they say from getting guns and to stop crime. In some state you even have to sign and show identification for ammo. Does this stop crime? The answer is no. People are not safe walking down the street or even sitting in their own homes. Why is this? Some would say not enough gun control.

What about a friend of mine that was stabbed, just last week, with a knife in his own house. Are we going to ban knives now. Are the only knives that we are allowed to have going to be plastic? When someone breaks into your house now, you are told to retreat into a bedroom and call the police. This did not happen fifty years ago because if you committed a crime, especially a violent crime you did the time and it was for a long time. If you broke into a person's house and the owner of that house shot you, it was cased closed. I might add there was very little breaking and entering back then. People were free to sleep with their doors unlocked and keys in the care, knowing that all would be safe. Now if you own over three fire arms the federal government says that you are stock piling fire arms. What is happening to this country? The government needs to install judges that will not be afraid to hand out stiff sentences to criminals. They need to realize what the problem is. Get rid of these so called gun laws that for the most part do nothing and if a person is convicted of a crime send him to prison for a long long time. Do not just slap them on the wrist and turn them loose to do it again. Why do we have a government that penalizes honest citizens for the deeds of criminals? That is what the government is doing with gun control.

Remember when if you were sick and could not come to the doctor's office? The doctor would come to your house. Most of the time before he let he would open his little back bag and pull out medicine. If you did not have the money to pay him you paid him later when you had the money. Him or his wife would call you back the next day to check on you. Yes that was true fifty years ago and I know that the medical system needs to be reformed in this country but not by the federal government. The federal government was not intended for that. What ever happen to that "Friendly Home Town Doctor?"

Although we paid property taxes fifty years ago like we do today for the homes that we live in, do we really, truly own them, or does the government? In today's world we have to have a permit for everything. We are told what we can do or cannot do with our own land, how big we can build a house or if we can build a room on to a existing house. You are told how high or even if you can put a fence up. You now pay a ridicules price for permits and inspection fees for the least little thing that you want to do. This is after your hard earned money has bought the place. "What Happen?"

We use to have banks that were respectable and caring for their customers and there still might be a few that way, but for the most part not anymore. Today you can be a customer of a bank for 30 years and if you are overdrawn in your checking account by 30 cents, you will receive a $35 overdraft fee. Take a check, that is wrote out to you, to the bank the bank it was drawn on, and if you are not a customer of that bank you are charged five dollars service fee to have the check cashed. Now I personally think that is a rip off to the general public. We are already paying through the nose in bail out money for the most of those banks through our tax dollars. There are more and more schemes everyday by banks to get your hard earn money. What ever happen to the "Friendly Home Town Bank"?

We use to be able to watch TV and our parents never have to worry about what we were watching. There was never no ratings for you to see if it was able for your kids to watch. It was just good plain and decent TV for all people, young and old. Now TV has got to the point where it is near about X rated and some shows on TV now would have never been shown years gone by. WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO RANDOLPH SCOTT, TEX RITTER, THE LONE RANGER, GENE AUTREY, AND ROY ROGERS?

In our school systems, today, we have police officers patrolling the halls and class rooms because of the violence. We have sex educations classes that pass out condoms and birth control pills by the truck loads and there is still many a baby born that will grow up with no mother or no father. Years ago in schools if the student got out of hand, they got a hand across their butts and there was no problems. Then when you got home you got it again. If you miss behaved on the bus the bus driver stopped and you were made to get off. The bus driver had better not do that now. The government has taken over our schools with their way of doing things and look were we are now. "What Happen?"

Years ago police officers were treated with respect and you saw no gang violence as you do today. You did not see or have the crime that is now going on. Now the police officer has less "power of arrest" than they ever had. It is getting so bad that even our soldiers will soon, if not already, have to read the enemy there Miranda Warnings. Can you image the soldiers on D-Day doing that. We can do longer call people who kill us, behead us, and want us dead what they really are if we want to be politically correct. Fifty years ago you would have called them exactly what they are: TERRORIST" What has happen?

In the middle or late 1960 "The Great Society" was brought into existence by our government. This was a program intended to end all poverty, but instead it gave millions of people to not work, nor look for work, but instead they were kept by people who were working. Years before this people who needed help were helped by the church, charity groups, until they went back to work. Now there is no incentive to go back to work because of free housing, food stamps, free welfare money, and free medical. "What Happen?"

Now today we have a president who has so many czars that you can not name them all or what they do. He wants to take the working man's money and spread it around. In other words give it to people who will not work in a pie shop. That would not happen years ago. "What Happen?" So I will leave you with this Question;


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shoreatheist said...

Randolph Scott....heavy sigh... But, he was gay. Oh well...

In short, our country has become complicated due to diversity and dangerous due to abrogated responsibility. The diversity is here to stay and is not all bad, despite the growing pains. We can do something about the abrogated responsibility if we work at it, but that will be wildly unpopular.

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