Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sequester Is It Helping Or Hurting

It seems like all that we here anymore is one piece of bad news after another piece of bad news but here is some good news for the American people. The sequester that was put into place to restore the budget came as a direct result of the breakdown and failure of the super committee (The committee that was a big joke) to reach a budget agreement, is working and is bringing this country’s federal budget lower, everyday heading to a balanced budget without damaging or hurting the country. A lot more has to be done but it is a good start.

Earlier this year Obama predicted and tried to use scare tactics by saying that when the sequester started disaster would come to America (He is the only disaster to this country) He went on to point out a few of what he said would be the disasters:

· Aircraft departures would be backed up for hours. (The backups are no different than they ever were in our recent history.

· Social security payments would be late. (A big scare Tactic. How many times has he used this to scare the senior citizens)

· No federal permits could be issued. (Most federal permits are a waste of time and are just another way of government control.)

· Crime would escalate and increase. (What a statement to make when crime in America is out of control everyday and it is blamed on anything but the true cause. Until crime is addressed for what it is there will always be an increase in crime.

· Military training would end. (Recruits are being trained every day just as before. There have been no great cuts so far)

· America’s food supply would no longer be inspected or regulated.

· Hordes of illegals would cross the border illegally. ( Guess what Obama, hordes crossed over our border everyday before the sequester and they are still pouring over every day. You never did anything then or now to stop it so don’t blame it on the sequester.)

It has been six months since the sequester and with just a few minor changes most of the American people had not noticed any change. The demagogue from the White House is the same old, same old. That is because Obama and the liberals in Congress want to spend and keep on spending your money. Most people can see that we can actually cut the federal and the world does not end.

As we all know Obama will try to claim credit for the narrowing deļ¬cits due to something he did. The American people should not believe a word of his phony claims. Because if it has not been for the sequester Obama would have kept right on spending our money.

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