Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our Freedom Is In Peril


The news media has recently informed the American people that the Chinese have successfully hacked into the Department of Defense (DOD) systems and stolen almost all of this country’s most sensitive and critical military secrets. The American people should be asking: “How could this happen to the most technologically advanced nations on earth?” This is just the latest of many ongoing problems that the American people face.

The answer to the above question is very simple. No one in the federal government is paying attention to the real national security issues of our nation because Obama is too busy using the FBI, DOJ, TSA, CIA, NSA and DHS (and let us not leave out the Internal Revenue Service) and whatever other government agency he can use to intimidate and bully American citizens, to suppress free speech, deny the American people civil and Constitutional rights, and to advance and protect his tyrannical government. This is either spectacular incompetence and lack of ability to be a leader or deliberate and premeditated treason! Either way, Obama needs to put out of office. I, for one say, enough is enough! The “hope” is gone, that he so adamantly keeps putting forth in his campaigns. This is not “change” Americans can accept. Obama is “leading” this country to destruction! And all we can hear from him is “I know nothing”. He is either the biggest bull crapper there ever was or he is a deceiver. I will go with the deceiver.

Never has this country been in the shape that it has been in the past few years since Obama has been in office. I believe that he had a goal before he went into office and he is quickly fulfilling that goal. He would be king if he could and he is not far from it. He wants to dismantle our country as we know it. Our freedom and liberties are just about gone.

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