Thursday, December 22, 2011

OBAMA: The Job Killer

Obama continue to tells everybody (who will) listen to his double talk when he says, from dawn until dusk he's focused on job creation, although, It seems that, no one in his administration listens to what he is saying, given the fact that day after day they keep making job-killing assessments that is killing the economy and jobs in this country.
The fact is, when you seek out the truth, when it comes to jobs, Obama's policies are so bad that even his union buddies are starting to take notice and cry out about his polices. The latest union to take notice of Obama and his polices is the Communications Workers of America union. They reported last month that AT&T's $39 billion bid for T-mobile would have brought 5,000 quality jobs back from overseas and created as many as 96,000 additional quality jobs in the build-out of high-speed wireless broadband. But this never came about because AT&T this week decided to stop its purchase plans after Obama's Justice Department sued and his Federal Communications Commission came out against it, claiming the merger would result in higher consumer costs. Even if that were true, it's no comfort to all those who won't get these jobs. Jobs that are needed to provide for their families. We are talking just about 100,000 jobs in this dumb move of the Obama administration that are lost.
Here is another good one,  Obama decided o defend the environmentalist votes over the formation and making (of) tens of thousands of good paying jobs by delaying his Keystone XL pipeline decision until after the election. This is all political and he is doing it as a way of trying to get re-elected while there are people in this country starving and homeless.
The administration chose to support environmentalists over jobs, the  job-killers win, American workers lose. Obama's attacks on the private jet industry brought about the International Association of Machinists President Tom Buffenbarger to become upset and take offense. He said this about Obama’s statements against the private jet industry:,  "In this industry, a few misguided words can put at risk even the ever-so-modest recovery we have experienced."
 Obama's imaginary and make believe (and that is what it is) focus on job creation has failed to go through the walls of the Environmental Protection Agency and stop some of the things that the agency is doing, for example, New EPA air pollution rules will shut down  three dozen power plants, putting all their employees out of work with no job to care for families that depend on these places, with three dozen more plants in jeopardy of closing.  How is this making jobs?  The list just goes on and on. The medical device tax, (hid in Obama Care along with a lot of other things that are coming to light), the net neutrality rule, the anti-drilling policies (Oil companies in this country can’t drill off the shores of this country, but Obama will lend money to Brazil to rill off our shores and then buy the oil from them giving Brazil the jobs while people in this country do without.) Obama enacts all these things without any visible regard for the impact they've have on jobs.
Rather than spend all day thinking about job creation, Obama would do the country much better if he spent that time doing away with his  own job-destroying policies. I just do not think that Obama is trying to create jobs or is he looking for away to do it. Everything that he does is destroying jobs, destroying this nation, and bringing America in line with what he wants. A communist country. With just a high school education I can do better than he is doing or not doing. 

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