Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Duping Of The American People By The Sly Fox

The American people have been duped so many times in the last three years, but it seems they are being duped again by their government. With the passing of the law where a person can be detained and imprisoned indefinitely, if they are suspected of being a terrorist, we have a government just like Hitler had before and during World War 2 and a government like Stalin had in Russia. Before Obama we were under the constitution protected from this very thing. But now since ordinary people like you and I are called terrorist by this administration, because we want to own guns for our protection, are a member (or like) the tea party, go against the status quo, because we cling to our Bibles, and believe in what made this country great we could very easy be one of those  people that could be detained for every and never be heard from again. Just remember what some of the Obama appointees said were terrorist.
Everyone of the congressmen, who signed this bill, should be removed from office for violating their oath of office (I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States). These are the same idiots (sorry congressmen)  that will decide who the terrorist are, remember when the DHS sent a memo to all law enforcement agencies listing potential terrorist. That list contained veterans, gun owners, those that didn’t agree with the government, those that were anti abortion, and there is more. If this doesn’t sound like a police state and a direct violation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights I do not know what is. What is this country coming to. We have a president who we know is a socialist (communist) and a (in the closet) Muslim  that is, everyday putting his agenda into place. The government wants you to think that this bill is for terrorist, but think again.  The way this bill is spelled out and put on paper the government could say anybody is a terrorist, then what?  How much longer will people like me be able to cry out against such things. How much longer will I be able to write my Christian and conservative blogs. Hope much longer will it be before there is a knock at my door and government agents are there to detain me and people will wonder where I’m at. The same goes for everybody that stands up for liberty and the bill of Rights.  All throughout history, governments have always picked an unpopular minority to strip them of their rights, then once it is accepted by the masses of people, the list of unpopular minorities expands until it includes everybody. This very thing (if you would open your eyes) is happening today in America while the “silent Majority” just sit back and say nothing.
Hitler picked the Jews, Stalin picked the kulaks, Pol Pot picked the intellectuals, and now we have a government that has picked the conservatives, the Bible believers, the gun owners, the people who are against abortion, the people who are against giving small interest groups, such as homosexuals, special privileges. Once you take one groups’ rights away, everyone else follows. If an American citizen is an actual “terrorist”, a jury of is or her peers can determine that with evidence presented. A suspected terrorist (who is a citizen of this country) is guaranteed the same Bill of Rights as everyone else. We don’t need some black ops group making wanton and reckless decisions for everybody. Let me say this: When it’s YOU that is declared a terrorist, then you will change your tune, but then it will be to late. If a person is from another country and is charged with terrorism that is a different story because they are not citizens of this country.
This bill is unprecedented in modern history. No other nation in history has declared these operations, so openly, and have written them down on paper. Most dictators lie about rights, and do things behind closed doors. This president and some members of congress are no different. This bill may be aimed at terrorist, but the important thing is this: By the way it is worded, the government can use it as a tool for suppressing people the voice of the people.
I remember during the last election Obama said we needed a national police force just as large as the military ( another Gestapo) to help enforce the laws and for the security of our country. He got what he wanted when the Obama Health Care was passed by congress. There was an attachment to this bill that gave Obama his private army. It is called something else but what it is, is really America’s first Gestapo (in hiding), because it has the potential to enforce just about anything when the time is right.
Never in the history of this country has the government taken over so much. The banks, the automobile industry, health care, and lots more. This has been done in just the last three years! This man has thousands of people believing that they will never have to pay nothing again . You can read about it all the time. Obama has told many lies during his election campaign and while he has been in office, but he told one truth. He said there would be change and boy is there change.
 He was not and never could be a electable president, but he was elected. He said that him and his wife hated America before he was elected. He has lied about his birth certificate, his whole past is fuzzy and needs to be brought into the light. He claims to be a Christian but his actions say different, he claims to be for Israel, but once again his actions speak louder than his words. Instead of pulling the classes of people together he is trying to push them apart to promote his new America. He says in his speeches he is for America, but is he? Everything that he does seems to harm our country. What really puzzles me is this fact: HOW COULD ANYBODY VOTE FOR THIS MAN AFTER READING HIS BOOKS?
This year, no matter what your skin color is, you had better think long and hard before you pull the lever for this man. Go over all the facts. If he is elected to another four year term there will be no America.

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