Monday, December 12, 2011

AMNESTY: It Gets The Votes

I’ll be the first to admit to the world that America  is the good country. I can understand why other people want to come here and live. Anybody can see that. To keep the record straight from the start I am not a racist nor am I prejudiced  against any other group of people or nationality. I was never raised that way. But without some kind of strong action on the part of the American government we are going to be overrun by people who cannot help their self and without strict control over how people come here as residents we are doomed to collapse as a nation. We will become just like the nations were theses people came from. There must be strict control over this growing problem.  We are already becoming a third world nation fast and why is that? As good as the American are there comes a point that, enough is enough. The rule of law must be followed.

I believe, and it is the truth, that both the democrats and the republicans are using the illegal immigrants as a tool for their re-election. Recently Newt Gingrich said he had a plan to address the illegal alien problem, which sounds like amnesty to me. He might not said the word “Amnesty”, but that is what he meant.  His stance toward favoring leniency toward illegals along with  his tough talk about immigration reform is double talk and is filled with hot air promises to both sides,  which as anybody knows, is what most politicians will do. Especially career politicians. It is whatever is best to get them elected instead of what is best for this country and the American people.

To get to the point Newt’s  position would grant illegals  the right to stay in America If they meet certain tests. I don’t know what dictionary he used in school, but for a man who is as bright as he is, how can he not define this as anything but amnesty? No matter how good of a politician he is, his way of thinking in this matter is nothing less than a complete sell out of the American people and the rule of law and it is being done for the vote. I’m not just talking about native born Americans, but I’m also talking about the immigrants that followed the rule of law and the proper procedures when they can here. Newt’s position on this is designed for one thing, to get the Hispanic vote and win the White House. Although he would be better a whole lot better than Obama as president he is still wrong in this matter.

When we compare Newt’s way of granting legal citizenship to anyone who creep  over the border at night to the unconstitutional executive order of Barrack Hussein Obama of not allowing the prosecution and deportation of illegals there is just no difference between the two! For a leader of this country to do the right thing about the illegal problem there must be a starting point.  That means for any true and lawful legislation must require all illegals to leave America.  How can anybody justify or even  consider granting legal status to a person whose very first step on American soil was a criminal act? As a nation we cannot have this and if we do why do we have any laws at all. This nation was founded on the rule of law.  A law is a declaration of what someone can, or cannot not do. It is not just a suggestion, or something that someone can do  when it is suitable, or set aside (as in this case with Newt) because a politician wants votes from the very group of people who have broken it the law! Their first act upon stepping on American soil was a criminal act.

What Mexico is doing to this nation is a shame. This nation is being crippled not only by the Mexican drug dealers, but also by all the illegals coming across our borders. The Mexican government sanctions this and even gives out pamphlets on how to do it. Mexico is becoming richer while we become, as a nation poorer.  What are our politicians think when they say things like Newt? They are not thinking of the American people that is for sure. It is the vote that will put them in office and keep them there. That is what they are thinking about.!

 Am I speaking the truth?  Absolutely! The truth needs to be heard and the correct position needs to be heard and put into place right now!
of our country by ILLEGALS we surely doom America to collapse from within.

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