Saturday, July 30, 2011

What's Wrong with Our Government?

Or Should I Say What Is Right about it!
The founders of our Great Republic had a lot different ideas about our country than the leaders of this country do today. The framers of our constitution had the idea and the fore site to include all the citizens of this nation in the law making and the decision making of how this country was run. They did that by having the people elect a person to be their voice and that person would carry their voices, as one, to Washington to be heard by all. That Representative would cast his vote by what his constituency wanted, not what was best for him and his re-election. This way of doing business in Washington is what has made this nation strong for over 200 hundred years. A leader in the free world and a voice for freedom!

We have elected Representatives in Washington, who are career politicians, that were elected to do the will of the people and to be their voice, but, in most cases, they are not that voice the people wanted. Most of them are egotistical and pompous. By that I mean they will do what ever it takes to be re-elected. What ever will make them to have a fat wallet. It could be listening to big business, or letting the free loaders of this country have their way. I believe the free loaders and the illegal aliens are the biggest problem in this country today and the career politicians are more than helping them along while forgetting the taxpayer who elected them.

This problem started in 1964 when Lynden Baines Johnson, who was the president at the time, and the democrats started "The Great Society" against the wishes and voices of most Americans. The Great Society was and still is nothing more than a free hand out to drug addicts, free loaders, and people who will not work. This is not always the case but most of the time it is. The program helped people to get on such things as food stamps, welfare, free housing, free medical, and many other things which the tax payer had to carry the burden of paying for. The problem with the Great Society is the law makers made a way for people to get on the program, but provided no way or program for them to get off it. There was and still is a reason for that. It was done for the votes and now these very same people are enslaved to the very people (government leaders) that gave them the free ride. To keep these benefits and more going they have to keep voting for them. In my book that is a form of slavery.  You can call those leaders Uncle Sam, Uncle Tom, or what ever you want, but they have transformed, them selves from servants of the people to their masters and most of the lower class (I'm speaking of money only) does not even know it. They now have to depend on them for just about everything. It is all about the votes to keep these so called law makers in office. It makes very little difference to them what the tax payer of this country, who works everyday, has to say or want!

We have a illegal alien problem in this country that is way out of control. The leaders in our government will not fix it because once again they see new voters to help them to be re-elected and put back into office. So it is free food for them, free medical care, free education, free housing, and free everything, plus all the money that is put out by the government for the illegals that commit crimes against honest people.  That comes on the back of the American tax payer. All this to get these people back into office. Now is that a crime or what? America is, now, a nation with no walls to keep the American people safe. Seventy five per cent of all money that is made by illegals is sent back to their country. How is that helping the American people. Your government is responsible for this. Once again the blame for all this has to be put on the back of our government, the ones who will not listen to the majority of the people. Our nation is crumbling because of leaders who are looking out for themselves instead of the American people. It is called career politicians! We need to tell them to start pressing (1) and make the American people #1 or else the American people will press two and send them to inferno region!

We have problems with terrorist and our leaders want to hold talks with them. How do you talk with people that want to kill you? We have Muslims that want Shari law in this country and little by little that is happening right before our eyes. I have nothing against Muslims, but when they try to impose their way of life on me I do. We have our own laws in this country and if they want to live here then they abide by our laws. The trouble is we have weak kneed politicians that will say nothing and the problem gets worse. If we do not elect some leaders with a back bone soon we will be under Shari law and if you are of any other religion you are doomed!

The biggest problem that we are facing in our country today, as if what I already said was not enough, is the president. It is plain to see that he hates this country and wants to dismantle it piece by piece and he is doing just that. He does not like Capitalism and he wants a socialist (communist) country. He is taking us there real fast. Another four years and we are goners. Most everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. He alienates our allies, and bows to our enemies. He has said that he can do a better job of running this country by his self. Now that sounds just like a dictator and that is really scary! To tell the truth, he wants this country to fail. His own people (in his cabinet and his czars) has said that this old system of government has to fail before a new one can come about. Is that scary? You bet it is!  He now has the private police force, that is only answerable to him, the one he wanted when he was running for office. This was done as an attachment to the health care bill so the American people would not know it if they were not looking for it.

It is time for all Americans to wake up to all the problems facing our beloved nation and do something about it. Get rid of the career politicians. Get rid of Obama, who has been lying. Vote these people out and vote people into office that will restore what the canker worm has eaten. God bless the USA!

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