Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is There Hope For Our Republic?

Can the ideals, the principles, the ethics, and the morals which sparked the framers of our Republic ever be rekindled and renewed? Is there still a spark of that " spirit which activates and get going the people of America" left in our country today? Or is the living spirit and real meaning of free government lost to the American people forever? And are we destined to live in a "representative democracy" for the rest of our days? In other words the majority rules. Sad  to say with this present administration it looks pretty much like we are. We are headed for a communist form of government real fast. For those of you who are offended by the word communist just insert the word socialism in its place. It is all the same thing. We have a president and congress that are fast stripping the American people of all their freedoms and are trying to put us on a big plantation where they will be the masters and everything that we need will have to come from them. Will we have a republic left by the time a new administration comes into office? Will there be a new administration? Will there be an America, as we know it, left?
Time alone will tell the outcome and the answer to that question. There is one thing is certain. We will never live in a real Republic until the great majority of our fellow citizens come to understand and appreciate what self-government is really all about. We must realize that the people should control the government and not the other way around. There are still Americans who still cherish the ideal of a true republican government. We are not speaking of the Republican party here, but a Republic that is based on the ideas and beliefs of limited authority, individual liberty, and personal responsibility – These Americans, which I’m proud to be one, eagerly hope and pray that the word, Republic, will soon be restored to its former glory. Our daily lives, as Americans, should shine as glowing examples of our country, our republic, and all the great things it stands for. Unfortunately we have a president who is apologizing for everything that America stands for and has fought for. Every American should learn what that stained, uncared for, ignored, and neglected word (Republic), really and truly mean.

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