Monday, June 14, 2010

Is it Rubber Legs or ?

Is it rubber legs or a determined man that wants this country dismantled that makes Obama they way he is when he apologizes for our country. I do not claim to be a very educated man but even I can see with open eyes what is going on here. The willful destruction of America.

The president of the United States spends too much time and energy putting down our country, the country he supposedly represents and has give a oath to protect. It becomes more plain ever passing day. To make things more clear: The country he represents is not only "his" country but it's my country and the country of all citizens that live here. It is his obligation to support and defend this country and defend the Constitution and our freedoms, but is he doing that? In my opinion he is not. He degrades and put the United States down, and apologizes for what he sees this country has done over the decades. He never sees the good, only the bad.

If you were to listen to Barrack Obama, the United States is just one country among many and of those, neither special in any way nor unique. If you would listen to him he would tell you, as he tells the Muslim world, The United States is no longer a Christian nation and then says we are the largest Muslim nation in the world. Where is this man coming from? Or better yet where is he trying to lead our nation?

Sorry, Mr. Obama, you are wrong when you say those kind of things, and you are betraying the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have put their lives on the line to defend our freedoms, at home and to secure freedom for millions across the world. Why is it and what is the matter with you, as our president, that you downplay that part of our history? What is the matter with Obama that he treats so lightly those lives, that were, sacrificed for our freedom and his freedom?

Given, the fact, what has happened in this country over the last weeks concerning illegal aliens in the State of Arizona, Obama has put his cards are on the table. If you are honest with your self you can plainly see what is on his mind. The American citizens are not stupid or are they dumb.. They can see what's going on. Their president is siding with a foreign nation and justifying the massive disregarding of our laws and our border security.

Obama has sided, out in the open for the country to see, with the president of Mexico, who is "outraged and indignant” that at least one of the United States of America, The State of Arizona, says it wants federal law enforced concerning illegals sneaking into this country and trashing their state and land. They want help in stopping all the illegal smuggling of drugs and human flesh. They want help with all the crime and murder committed by the illegal Mexicans. Yes It is the illegal Mexicans and I'm not sorry that I'm not “political Correct” with that statement. Arizona has asked for help several times to stop the mayhem there caused by these illegal Mexicans and Obama does not even have the decency to answer the calls of Arizona's Governor for help, but sides with a loud mouth, arrogant, foreigner that would like to see the western states as part of Mexico.

Instead of Obama, who is our leader (what a joke) supporting one of his own states and telling the foreign president that it's none of his business that Americans want our borders respected, the man who is president and sits over the highest office in this land sides with the foreigner. It is the dismantling of this country that Obama wants. He wants to tear it apart, state, by state, and our constitution with it. What an unbelievable outrage. What an insult and slap in the face to all Americans that we have a president that will not stand up for this country and its people!

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