Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Arizona Issue


Since Governor Janet Brewer signed the law, about a week ago, to help with the crime caused by illegals, Arizona has been subjected to brutal and cruel attacks as the modern day version of Jim Crow, apartheid, Nazism and you name it. Few people have raised their voice to Arizona's defense. The silent majority is saying nothing in public. That is a shame, because sixty one per cent of the American people, when poled, agree with the Governor of Arizona. The only thing that Arizona is doing is closing the door to crimes committed by illegals, mainly from Mexico. There are now thirteen other states that are looking at this law and will sooner or later put it into law also.

In was really a nauseating smear, when Mexican President Felipe Calderon charged Arizona with opening the door "to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement." Boy does he have the room to talk! Has he looked at his whole country lately? The only thing besides protecting her people the great state of Arizona is trying to stop that same lawlessness in Arizona that is out of control in Mexico. How close are we to that same lawlessness, that is in Mexico, where people are murdered by the dozens everyday. Men armed with automatic weapons riding up and down the streets in the back of open pickups. It is spilling over into our country now and the spill is getting bigger everyday while our government say nothing. image

And what was the reaction of Obama “the Great Apologist” to this slander of an American state by the leader of a neighboring nation? A nation that is ridden with crime and drug dealers. The answer is none. As an American citizen I wonder if Barrack Obama will ever stand up to foreign leaders'. He is abusing the nation that awarded him its highest honor. Or has he been infused since birth in the "Blame America First" mindset of the liberal Democrats who scorn and find contempt in the real America? Is this part of his dismantling America?

Here are more questions that I want to put forth before I close. Does the Mexican government offer food stamps to American people that may live in their country? Do they offer free education to Americans? Do they offer free medical insurance just because one is illegal. Will Mexico give you money to open your own business? If an American goes to Mexico do you press one for Spanish and two for English?

There is no shortage of ammunition our president could have used to fire back at the phony s and the slick old boys of Mexico City. This is who we have for a president. Maybe Obama would be better suited if he went to Mexico as a community organizer. He seems to be good at that or maybe he could go to Mexico to be their president and he could finish the destruction there like he is trying to do to our country. For where Arizona has made it a misdemeanor to be in the country illegally, (which is already a federal law) in Mexico it is a felony that can get you years in prison. Where illegal aliens in America regularly protest under Mexican flags, no foreign resident in Mexico may demonstrate against the regime. You may never be seen again!Yet this president of Mexico puts down Arizona and our man Obama says nothing.

While illegal immigration is changing the ethnic balance of this country, in Mexico immigrants are not allowed in who could upset "the balance of the national statistics." Now tell me there is not nothing wrong with that. Where Americans demand we treat illegal aliens firmly but fairly, Guatemalans caught in Mexico are often treated with a brutality when they are caught. The American people really do not need any lectures on morals or human rights from Mexico. Give me a break. But what is the matter with Obama that he will not defend his country?

As for the Arizona law, what does it really say and do? The very first thing it does is, it brings Arizona's law into agreement with federal law. A law that Obama will not uphold. As it has long been a federal crime to be in the country illegally, it is now a crime in Arizona. Same law, the only difference is we have a leader that will enforce it. Someone who has the well being of the people at heart. Second, just as the United States law since 1940 has required legal aliens – immigrants and guest workers – to carry their green cards or work visas at all times, Arizona law now says the same thing. What is inhumane about this? If it is so inhumane, where have the protests been these last 50 years? Many of us in the 1950s had to carry not only driver's licenses, but draft cards. There is nothing changed in the law! It is simply being enforced.

As for racial profiling, the new law forbids it. A police officer, it reads, "may not solely consider race, color or national origin" in stopping anyone or in determining an immigrant's status. What is in humane about that? Before there can be a "reasonable suspicion" an individual is here illegally, there must first be a "lawful contact." This means no cop can halt and challenge a man on the street, or sitting in a restaurant or bar, or driving a car. If an person is caught running a traffic light, the police must first ask for his or her license. Only if that person does not have a valid Identification or driver's license, or his behavior causes "reasonable suspicion" that he is an illegal, can he be brought in. Then, a call must be made to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to determine his status. Where is the neo-Nazism here? What is so bad with that in a state that has over ½ million illegal aliens (and they are Hispanics) that are now pushing to the top as the number one crime guys in Arizona. Crimes of murder, drugs, kidnapping, and many other crimes. The city of Phoenix is now called the kidnapping capital of The United States and the hub of smuggling both drugs and humans. No that is what is in inhumane! When law abiding citizens are afraid to come out of their homes because of the crime and the government is not doing anything about it then it is time for people to arm themselves for protection (something the federal government is bound to do, but will not).

Whatever the motivation of our man Obama and his crones on the left, defense of this law by law abiding Americans is of the up most importance, because If the southern states cannot stop the invasion and onslaught from Mexico this nation is headed for a world of trouble, because the U.S. government's is willfully neglectful of its duty to defend America's borders and the American people from the south of the border illegals. True Americans must stand up and speak out for Arizona.

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