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When we have a leader that has been elected by the people to do the will of the people and Does not do it, but rather does what he wants then you have a potential Tyrant on your hands. He has shown that his will is to be an absolute ruler unrestrained by the law of the land or constitution. He already does not care what the majority of the people want. This is what we have in our current president. A narcissist, a want to be king, and many other things that are not printable. President Obama's attempts to ram health- care reform through an increasingly reluctant Congress are no longer just attempts. They are starting to look like forceful strong arm tactics of a tyrant that does not care what the people want even though the majority of the people do not want this "Obamacare Bill"

It makes no difference about former Rep. Eric Massa's accusations of locker-room altercation and conspiracies to drive him from office, there is no doubt that the Obama administration and its congressional allies are willing to use every trick in the book to get this bill passed. Lets face the facts when all is said and done it is a 50 - 50 chance that Massa was telling the truth about some {not All} of the issues. Ninety per Cent of politicians lie. So what is the truth? If the truth be really known we just do not know all the strong arm tactics that are being used to force some congressmen to vote for this Health Care Bill. Nor was Obama willing to let a little thing like election laws stand in the way. They rewrote Massachusetts law to allow for an appointed senator to hold office for several months, hoping to get the bill through before the special election that Scott Brown ultimately won. The Obama People's plans were spoiled, they even considered holding up Brown's seating to let the appointed senator continue to vote on health care -- until public outrage forced them to back down. And, of course, there has been an unprecedented willingness to ignore congressional rules -- from the failure to appoint a "conference committee" to negotiate differences between the House and Senate bills, to their current plans to use the reconciliation process to bypass a Republican filibuster. All this is a deliberate, blatant, and barefaced attack on our freedoms.

We do know this Obama and his socialist friends have already bought votes with pork and special deals, such as "The Louisiana purchase" ($300 million to bolster that state's Medicaid program, which swayed Sen. Mary Landrieu); "The "Cornhusker Kickback" ($100 million to Medicaid there, sweetening the pot for Sen. Ben Nelson), and Florida's "Gator Aid" (a Medicare deal potentially worth $5 billion, a hefty price for Sen. Bill Nelson's vote). Plus the millions for Connecticut hospitals, Montana asbestos abatement and so on. We will never know what other sweeteners were uses to help pass this very unpopular Bill. Anytime all this underhanded dealing goes on behind closed doors, the American people need look out. Do you remember when Our narcissist president said there would be no pork doing his administration and there would also be nothing done behind closed doors. Well, that all turns out to be a laugh or should I say a lie.

We can look for and expect the (Obama, Pelosi, Reid) tactics to get even dirtier now.

Those who support Obama can expect favors. No sooner had Rep Jim Matheson (D-Utah) suggested that he might be willing to switch his vote and support the latest version of Obama Care than his brother was nominated for a federal judgeship. Alan Mollohan (D-W.Va.) is also on the undecided list. And, purely by coincidence no doubt, the Justice Department just announced that it is dropping an FBI investigation that has been swirling about the congressman. Gosh, if only Charlie Rangel were one of the undecided. Wow! {And when we get behind closed doors}

Those who oppose Obama can expect the political equivalent of being run over by a tank. Let me just give you a few examples that you may have not known about. Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln, whose reelection is border line, is getting a primary challenger with some backing from the national Democratic machine. But some of it is much nastier. Massa's story may have some credibility issues, but other opponents of the bill are also starting to feel the heat. For instance, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), whose opposition to abortion funding has become one of the bill's biggest hurdles, is now seeing attacks on his ethics. (HUMM) Presidents, down through the history of this country, have always twisted arms and made deals. But the problem is when two-thirds, or more, of the voters are opposed to the plans being made, you congressmen have no choice but to play hardball.

I find it hard for anyone with any kind of education not to be able to see what Obama and his socialist crowd really are. Obama wants to tear down the best economic engine in history (read capitalist engine) and replace it with a government run push down economic vehicle. Private takers (that is small business owners) are to be crushed as they tear at the heart of Obama's policies. The independent thought is to be condemned and only the "good" of the many are to be considered (so long as that good does not rub off or flow over to those who plan to govern as they will deserve more and better selections). No, there is no jealousy over what Obama and his brood are selling. The conservative majority (that would be for all you Democracy lovers out there) and the current law of the land (that is for all the Republic readers out there) are directly opposed to his current goals. I do not need the government doing my thinking for me. I do not hold out my hand for entitlements to feed my family. I do not expect government to come to my rescue every time my little boat gets rocked in life's heavy seas. But the problem is there are always too many people within the confines of our boarders who do not share this opinion. They feel the government owes them something (everything) and that Obama will provide it. What was that saying that was going around just after the election? (We have BARRACK Obama)

All we see now is a Health Care Bill being forced on us, but if this bill gets through congress and passes (behind closed doors) then it will be the start of things to come. What right will we give up next? What will the Obama crowd do next. At the rate we are going we will not be able to have guns, we will be told if we can move from one state to another, how much money we can have in a bank and what bank to put it in. You think what I just said is crazy, well just look at what this man and his liberal congress and czars have done in just one year. You would have said that was crazy to last year.

We live in a free country where freedom and personal ownership are the rights of every American and that is the key that has made this country so great and the key to our freedom. Why does Obama think that it is his "right" to force the American people to except this Health Care Bill? The end game of this issue will just be one more entitlement program. When me and the other people like me leave this old world for a better place, then who is going to provide all the entitlements then?

For all you {want to be socialist}, who will read this let me leave you with this thought. At least the Communist Chinese know how to make money!

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