Wednesday, September 16, 2009

OBAMA – looking into his closet

I wonder if most people take a look at some of the people that Obama has in his administration and what their policies could mean for this country and how they will affect them. We now have two forms of government running this country. That's right ! We have the czars which is known as The King Obama Group ( THE SOCIALIST) which no one knows what they are doing because they do not have to answer to nobody but Obama, and they tell you what they want you to know and then we have the elected congress who for the most part is not doing anything to solve the problems we are faced with. How close are we as a nation to losing our republic and having it replaced by a socialist form of government? The many different people who are in Obama's Royal Court who are under the radar is very scary. These people are (or trying to) undoing laws pasted that are for all Americans. But we can also see some of his appointed cabinet members are just as scary.

For just one example Thomas Perez is one just of the people associated in the food chain for Attorney General Eric Holder, who is overhauling (tearing apart) the Civil Rights branch of the Justice Department after the flood of dismissals and resignations in that branch of the justice department. Barack Obama has selected Thomas Perez to head the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice. Thomas Perez has close ties to Casa de Maryland, which is a far-left group that strongly supports illegal immigration. At the basis of Thomas Perez's dispute is his difference of view and opinion over the cunning and clever way of running The Department of Justice. During the Bush presidency, the justice department prioritized and found it important to defend those who were wrongfully accused of discrimination as much as they focused on defending minorities who claimed they had suffered from discrimination. This flies in the face of those who believe civil rights laws exist solely to protect minorities, which, as one can see, is the standard operating procedure for Holder's new Civil Rights division of the justice Department. Curt Levy, who is, at the Committee for Justice put it in plain words this way: "Their feeling is that when it's used to protect non-minorities is that it's a twisting of the law."

Obama, Holder, and Perez are fanatically focused in on bigger enforcement of unrelated claims that have little effect on any bodies civil rights. In other words they want to increased government meddling in business hiring practices, including enforcement of hiring quotas. For example, if an employer makes decisions that result in a lesser percentage of minorities who are hired or promoted – even without that company knowing what the results of those decisions will be ahead of time – that company could be prosecuted. No matter who was best qualified for the job.

Perez's resume is very good, but firmly biased. He is currently a part-time professor at the George Washington School of Public Health and was deputy assistant attorney general for civil rights under Attorney General Janet Reno, two-year director of the office for civil rights at the United States Department of Health and Human Services, and a counsel to the late Senator Edward Kennedy. Perez is a longtime pro-illegal immigrant activist. In other words he is for the illegals. He supported the state's recognition of ID cards issued by Mexico and Guatemala as a valid form of ID for illegal immigrants. He supports the granting of in-state tuition rates for illegals, and he has provided advice for illegals on how to deal with police. He has advocated for race-conscious admissions to medical school, saying that an increase in minority health care providers is the only way to improve minority health. He believes minorities are better treated by minority health care providers, and that all health care – presumably that practiced by minorities, for minorities – is not just a benefit, but an actual civil right. Our new supreme court judge should have no problem with that statement being se also made a similar statement about judges.

The people who defend Thomas Perez usually comes from those who disliked The Attorney Generals John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales' Civil Rights division and are in favor of Holder's policies and reforms. The Liberal newspaper, The Baltimore Sun said Perez's nomination would usher in a Department of Justice that "can return to its traditional mission of enforcing anti-discrimination laws and protecting the rights of minorities."

Republicans, for the most part, especially particularly Sen. Tom Coburn, have engaged in parliamentary procedures to block Thomas Perez's installation, but unless there's some serious intercession, Perez is expected to be installed as soon as the debate by the senate is closed. So now as you can see we will have reverse discrimination in our country real soon. I wonder what the Obama Crowd will call it?

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