Friday, August 19, 2016

Here We Go Again

                     "What difference does it make now"
How would I or any other person, in their right mind, describe Hillary Clinton? She has a miserable and truly sad history of lies; fabrication, deception and complete disregard for the people of America who she wants to be the leader of. That is her record. I will never understand how a woman as evil and deceiving as she is can get elected to any office. The people believe a lie and are being damned.
She left the White House “really broke and in debt.” She now has an estimated $80 to 100 million in the bank. Most of that comes from speaking engagements and her and her husband’s memoirs. From two people who cannot remember a thing when question under oath about some of their dealings while holding public office.
Hillary attacks Wall Street and all big businesses yet accepts from them so-called important speaking fees, now totaling millions of dollars. This just goes to show how deceiving and two faced she really is. She says one thing and does another.
The attack in Benghazi, shows how ignorant of the situation and how truly wicked, uncaring and evil she is. The ambassador died a terrible death in a small “safe room” filled with smoke and fire. He was beat, raped, and murdered by Muslim Terrorist and she blamed it on a movie and in the end let us not forget her famous words; “WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE NOW?” After knowing her lies, deceit, and her “What difference does it make now” attitude who would want to be in her government and that goes for the military also. How could she be trusted?
The hacked e-mails from her private, unprotected server have put many military, diplomatic and intelligence personnel in real danger. It has also put one scientist to death by Iran who worked for the United States. But some of the deleted emails would most likely show the illegal dealings with her, as secretary of state giving favors to other Muslim countries for donations to the Clinton Foundation. There would be many other evil things she has done that those deleted emails would have shown if they were not deleted. She must not be allowed to be president of this country. Some say it would be a third term of Obama and his policies. I disagree. I believe it would be far worse and America would never recover.
Hopefully we, as Americans, can overcome our problems of unemployment, illegals, Muslim terrorist, troubled health care, and crumbling cities where Democrats have been in power for decades, and — of course — Hillary.

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