Saturday, September 19, 2015

Truth About The Orgins Of Slavery In America

"He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors."  Thomas Jefferson

 When most people hear the word “Slavery” they think about the African Americans struggle in early American history and they should, because that period in American history was true. It was disgraceful and not right.  Most American people, when they think about slavery, think about the American Civil War and the image of the great emancipator, President Abraham Lincoln. There is nothing wrong with that because all of it is the truth and it is a part of American history. The truth is what matters the most. The problem is Americans, for the most part, never hear the whole truth.  There was another time of disgrace America when it comes to the term of slavery.

 The sad part about slavery in America is Black Slavery was only a part of the story about American Slavery. If the truth was really told correctly, slavery and the misery of many black people, bad as it was, in the history of the United States was not the start of slavery in America. The history and the facts goes back way before the civil war. Slavery in the United States in reality was deep-rooted in Colonial North America. As different nations came to settle North America they used the cheapest labor. That means slave labor.  But, the biggest shock of all to most people is that not all slaves where African American. I for one was shocked when I read this.  And the more I researched many reliable sources the more shocked I was. The African American slave trade was actually the last trade of slaves to be introduced to the Americas. Most people do not know about the white Europeans who where slaves in the Colonial Colonies and the hardships that they endured. The slave trade in Colonial America worked both directions with white slaves as well as black slaves.

As Americans we must recognize and except the truth of the origins of slavery in this great country. There was not a race issue with slavery back then. It made no difference if you are black, white or some other race. The truth is the truth. People of all races were sold as slaves in America.  Americans, black or white, need to know the whole story about the issue of slavery in America.  There are too many people who are na├»ve and uneducated about the vital parts of America’s history, that should be brought out. Slavery in America was not only a black issue.  

In the early part of the sixteenth century the King of Ireland banished and sent thousands of Irish prisoners to America and they were sold as slaves in the colonies. Men, women, children, it made no difference. They were chained and brought here by the black Barbary Coast Muslims, and sold to the highest bidder. The buyers were white and black. The slaves were whipped, beaten, skinned and tortured. Women and children were sold to different buyers, splitting families. By the time of the Emancipation, or the setting free of slaves in America hundreds of thousands of white slaves as well as black slaves had been enslaved and held captive in America.

Make no mistake about it, slavery in America was not based on just the black race alone, because the slaves were Irish, English, Scotch, and Norwegian, as well as black, nor were they protected by any law or Constitution or given any rights. Free blacks bought enslaved whites and worked them to death as whites did the same thing to blacks. The indentured servants came later and that name was mostly a cover-up for the true status of the white slave.  Just go to the internet for many reliable sights about white slavery in America.   My point of this article is: “All lives matter, not just white lives, not just black lies, all lives matter. Slavery in America was wrong no matter what the race or color of the slaves.

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