Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Give Me Liberty, Religious Freedom, Or Give Me Death

clip_image001I wonder if most people in America truly understand what is going on in our country and in the world that we live in today, All Americans should be truly worried about our loss of personal freedoms! They are leaving us fast! Since Obama has come into office we are losing more and more everyday and most people do not care that this is happening as long as this big plantation that we are now living on, does not stop giving out the freebies. People all over this world in a lot of different countries are fighting to keep their freedoms while most people in America could care less with a “What you going to give me “attitude. They would rather live on the plantation. Some people see Obama a the messiah and what a shame that is.

Americans, who care, should strongly challenge the many schemes, and exploitations, of our progressive (a polite word for communist) president against our own Constitution and Bill of Rights. If you remember he is the man said he would change America and he is piece by piece! The is just about the only true thing that he has done since he has been elected. Some Americans are losing their freedoms and they, for the most part, are doing nothing except looking for the next hand out.

If people want to see where our country is headed they need to look no further than Korea. The contrast between a people’s freedom and slavery can be clearly seen, by comparing the North and South Korea nations. One was founded and exists on absolute political control; the other thrives and blossoms through a democratically operating free people!

History has shown that our freedoms are taken for granted and that is one thing that should never happen. Because once our freedoms are lost, they go the way of North Korea, and like in the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany years earlier!

If the American people do not soon take notice and realize it is Obama and his “political class” that “We the People” must control and get a grip on and not the other way around So take heed America, your future is in your hands, but only if you fight constantly for your Constitutional rights, as our Founders fought for us and our futures! If we do not wake up soon the next two years can spell doom for America under Obama and we are already on that slippery slope.

The freedoms that American soldiers, both men and women, have fought for, been maimed for, and died for are leaving us fast. As for me “Give me liberty, let me serve the Lord as I want or give me death!”

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