Friday, November 15, 2013

The Real Threat To The Republic


In a recent editorial in a local newspaper a Democratic forum editorial declared “Republicans are a threat to the Republic.” For five years now, whenever the Democrats or Obama are perturbed, it is blame it on Bush or the Republicans. For a lot of Americans including me think that It’s a rather childish and babyish approach, and, frankly, it is getting tiring and enough is enough.

The editorial was referring to the recent government shutdown and the supposed devastation to the economy it created. The only part of that statement that is true is that it was devastating bur that is far as it goes. That problem could have been solved early and easily if all of congress would have agreed to negotiate. But if we could please, recall that Majority Leader Harry Reid’s contribution to the negotiations was always “No, he was not interested.” Out in the field with the liberal crowds (Obama gave me a free cell phone crowd) cheering in the background, President Obama said he was always ready to talk to the Republicans, but as soon as he arrived back at the White House, his attitude and actions was uncooperative and different from when he was on the road. Because of this kind of situation, the agreement to stop a government shutdown was only accomplished at the last hour.

The article also implies that tax payer’s money is not paying for Obamacare. Who do they think are the ones, financing the Web page with over a billion dollars spent to date and it is still no working! And why did Obama decide on a Canadian firm to develop the Web page for Obamacare and keep them on after their obvious incompetence was exposed? There needs to be an answer to these two questions. Why did Obama give the task of developing the web site to another country and the last question is why were they kept on after their incompetence was greatly visible?

And, finally, many of my fellow Americans voices are being heard in anger over Obamacare and the soaring debt which had gone from $8 trillion under all other presidents to the current $17 trillion under Obama in five years. Now this is truly the threat to our country. It is pulling our country under. Fellow Americans this must be stopped. Obama and his liberal friends are more of a threat to our country than any foreign power.

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