Sunday, May 26, 2013


th All my life I have always looked up to and believed in the government of this country. I always believed that, for the most part, both political parties had the interests of all The American citizens at heart. But I have to ask the question; What is the interest of the Obama administration? Recently I have become angry and very upset at the arrogant, abusive, and the bullying tactics of the Obama administration, which has ignored and disregarded the rights of all Americans, no matter who they are.

This past week alone most Americans were shocked and mad to find the IRS has targeted some American citizens and targeted them with their scare tactics. The Justice Department has secretly obtained emails, phone records and other personal information from various reporters, not even thinking to bring up “Fast and Furious.” All this is bad enough but what really gets me is when the person in charge of the State Department takes the position, “What difference does it make how they died,” referring to the four brave Americans murdered in Benghazi. I ask you where is this country headed? What other things are yet to be uncovered about the so called transparent Obama administration?

Watching and listening to Stephen Miller, head of The Internal Revenue Service, Hillary Clinton, as former Secretary of State, Eric Holder, (The Attorney General), and Chuck Hagel, (Secretary of Defense), testifying before Congress made me furious and just plain disgusted. Each of them besides being arrogant, out and out lying, and used the phrase, “I don’t know,”hundreds of times. They each showed a complete lack of respect and callousness of the American people. The Obama administration is ignoring the Constitution or changing its meaning at every turn. We have been lied to, played for stupid, been subject to fiscal irresponsibility, and kept in the dark about very important matters.

Regardless of what political party you favor, this administration is not only an embarrassment, but the most damaging administration ever, to the way of life we, as Americans, have enjoyed and worked so hard to develop since we have been a country.To support any political party is fine, but when the party in control behaves in a way that is abusive and uses its powers in a bullying and harmful way toward American citizens, and also promotes people within their administration who have demonstrated their abusive and offensive natures, then anyone who continues supporting an administration likes this is just as bad. We were told by Obama that he would have the most transparent government ever and it is just the opposite. Our federal government is being run by people who act like “Chicago Gangsters” Their way or the highway!

Every true American regardless of race, sex, or position in life, needs to really think about and consider the direction in which this country is moving. We are in a downward spiral. As a country we are in serious trouble and our children and grandchildren will pay the price for all the fatal mistakes and transgressions of Obama and his administration. Do we want that to happen to our grandchildren?

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