Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dear Senators and Congressman,

I demand that Congress look into the ever growing list of abuses by the current administration to determine if impeachable or even criminal charges should be filed against those in our government who are abusing the power of their offices.  From the President, to the former Secretary of State, to the Attorney General, to the “czars”… any or all of whom are imposing their wills on the American people apart from legislative authority. 

People are dying, lives are being destroyed, the constitution is being shredded and IT MUST STOP!  I call on each of you to do your duty, and fulfill your OATH, to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, regardless of the personal risk that this might generate to your political career.  There is no longer any excuse that can justify allowing the American people to be deceived over and over again as relates to these abuses of power.

The Black Panthers

Fast and Furious


Targeting Conservative groups for IRS harassment

Wiretapping news agencies

Monetarily and militarily supporting enemies of the United States  (Muslim Brotherhood) 

Attacking Religious Freedom

Attacking the 2nd Amendment

Attacking the 10th Amendment

Uncontrolled Spending

How many reasons do you need before you will fulfill your oath to defend and uphold the Constitution???

(This was sent to me in a email. It is the truth)

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