Monday, January 2, 2012

Broken Arrow!

As I was thinking about everything that is going on in America today and wondering how it could be best said the words ‘BROKEN ARROW’ comes to my mind. One of the meaning of those words is used by the United States Military for calling in all available aircraft for an airstrike near a friendly position which was being overrun by the enemy and therefore creating a high probability of destruction. If you saw the movie "We Were Soldiers", you got a very clear picture and you know what broken arrow means. It was a true story during which a Broken Arrow was called in by Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore in 1965 while leading his men through the Ia Drang Valley in Vietnam.
It is time for some of our leaders (The ones who still have the brains to do it) to call out ‘BROKEN ARROW’ because our country is being overrun and is in serious danger of being lost. I have listed some, but not all, of the ways this country is being overrun by enemies of this country, by political correctness, by liberal leaders, and by illegals, and by Muslim terrorist. (If a person is causing harm or destruction, to this nation, they are the enemy). America not only has enemies from the outside who want to destroy this nation, but we have enemies from within who would bring down the very ideas this nation was founded on if they could if they could.
  •      The most important danger, in my opinion, to our country is this: America has become lost and undone, without God or His Son. This nation was founded on Christian ideas and principles that have governed us for centuries. It is not only evident in our laws, but in the court rooms such as the supreme court where there are many quotes from the Bible on the doors and walls. We now have people and a president that wants to do away with all those things because of the rights of some minorities. We must not offend them, but it is okay to offend the God whose grace has kept America safe and prosperous. The God who went before our troops in time of war and gave them victory after victory. We have a government that is now saying homosexuality and bestiality are okay in our armed forces. We give special rights to these type of people when it should never be. We are told that America is not just a Christian nation anymore, but a nation of many religions. The fact still remains that we are a Christian nation. This country’s laws were found on the Holy Bible and we should still be governed by the Book, which is called the Holy Bible. Some of you readers do not want to hear this but let God’s Word be true and all else, if it does not line up with His Words, a lie.
  •       Over a period of just a few years we have had Muslim terrorist not only kill thousands of people on 9-11, on the USS Cole, Beirut Marine Barracks, and other places. They are now coming into America and not only demanding their own laws be put in place ( in many court rooms around this country it is being done), they are also killing our soldiers right here in this country and on army post that should be a safe haven for our troops. We now have Christian churches that have a Koran next to the Holy Bible. One teaches love and the other hate. One recognizes Jesus Christ as God and the other does not. If these terrorist and their form of religion is not stopped all will suffer, but the women of America will suffer the most. We do not need such programs on our TV such as, ‘The American Muslim’  This give them the time to use their propaganda to subvert the minds of our children and any school system, and we do not need leaders or a government that does the same. We are at war with these people! They are trying to kill us! They call us the big Satan. Does that tell you anything. If you think that this problem will sooner or later go away, YOU ARE WRONG! The only way this problem will go away is when we have people and a government that says ‘Enough is Enough’. We need a strong leader and a strong congress that will say enough is enough and will back up what they say before it is to late.
  •             We have illegals flooding our borders and are being put on our welfare lines. According to the latest information there is more illegals on welfare on this country than there are working. This all comes out of the tax payers pocket which is already strapped. The crime rate, by the illegals,  is going through the roof and our government does nothing. They do nothing because they want the vote from these people to be re-elected. Some church people here believe that we should welcome them with open arms. WRONG!  There are just as many churches in Mexico  and this is where they need to get there help. Help them yes, let us pour in the oil and the wine, pack them a brown bag lunch and send them home. Anybody that knocks on my door I will see that they are feed, their medical needs taken care of to the best of my ability, but then I will send them on their way. Mexico needs to step up to the plate and do something about their people. The country has always been corrupt. It is a sad state for any country to prepare and give its citizens booklets on how to come to America illegally.
  •       We have people in our own country that will not work and expect the people that do work to share their wealth. We have a president that believes in that. Free Housing, free food, free education, free medical care, free telephones, free money, and you name it, it is free to them and it comes from the people that work hard every day. Some people, in this country, would not even work in a pie shop testing pies. It is our duty as Christians to help the needy, not to keep the free loaders. If you do not work, you do not eat!
  •      There are a lot of issues that could be said and expounded on but let us look at just one more. We have a president that is trying his best to tear down this nation along with his liberal friends. We need to get him out of office and all the other liberals with him.  This nation needs for the most part return to its roots. These roots are found in the Holy Bible and are founded on the rock, Christ Jesus!

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