Monday, August 2, 2010

I Wish I Could Say That I’m Surprised

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I wish I could say that I’m surprised that the NAACP has recently passed a resolution condemning the tea party movement because of so-called racism. Sorry to say, I am not. I have been looking at the resolution and in all honesty I just don’t get it. In simple terms if you are not in the Obama camp it makes a person automatically anti-black.

The NAACP should, in my opinion, be about freedom of thought, expression and existence for all people. Instead, the NAACP seems to only want people who has thoughts and expression that agrees with them. I think that is so wrong. It was not the goal of this origination when it was founded to do this.

I have no ill will for blacks, whites, or any other skin colors. That is totally neither here nor there in my life. As a Christian I believe with all my heart that all men are created equal. I do resent and take exception to those of any color or race who choose to get by in life riding the gravy train that I and other hard working people am forced to pay for. I would rather to give my money that I have earned by my labor to churches and groups and individuals that work to improve life for people and society.

The truth is the Tea Party doesn't want to put anybody against anybody. If the truth was really known, the tea party people, white and black, people in this country -- the, vast majority of them -- are sick of this. They don't want all this bitterness and they don't think it's necessary or acceptable anymore. The past is the past, and nobody can deny it, but it's not warranted anymore. You listen to Ben Jealous of the NAACP, and you would think that the Klan is running this country. With a black man in the White House, the Klan's still running the country, and believe it or not the Klan was all Democrats! Most people in this country, that means blacks, legal Hispanics, and whites, want a unified and integrated country built on the concepts of the American Constitution. It is not that complicated at all. What makes it complicated is that certain black, as well as certain white people have been raised and educated to think they have no chance in America, which is challenged by evidence..

This administration and that includes Obama and Holder have set race relations back to the 1950’s, but that is their agenda. That is what they want! Shame on them!!! They prey on people, both white, black, and Hispanics who live in the ghettos and are on welfare and tell them they should expect entitlements, privileges, rights, and free this and that. Martin Luther King , if he was alive, would speak out on the NAACP and New Black Panther movement for the racism they promote and advocate. He was a man with integrity and a vision that surpasses what any other black man or white man’s vision was or is today! He was a great man, but humble.

This resolution by the NAACP sends race relations back to the dark ages, much to the delight of those whose livelihoods (that means their way of living and source of revenue) depend on keeping the issue alive. Would somebody please produce anything but unreliable, sketchy, and unsubstantiated evidence that racism is widespread and prevalent in the tea party? The NAACP can't, which undermines any respect they ever earned. They are tearing down everything that Martin Luther King stood for and it is a shame.

These principles are what the NAACP are calling racist: Basic Tea Party 101 for candidates and elected officials:
* Be open and honest;
* Speak truthfully;
* Listen to and work for all the people;
* Adhere to the Constitution and your oath of office;
* Secure our borders;
* Support smaller government;
* Lower taxes.
I thought that this was the very roots of what American government are suppose to be about!

The NAACP should, in my opinion, be about freedom of thought, expression and existence for all people. Instead, NAACP seems eager of only defending thought and expression that agrees with them.  It will harm an entire generation of the kids THEY CLAIM to care for , and profess to have committed their life's work for. What a crock. The whole thing makes me sick. I am not just angry at Obama, I am ashamed he is our president. Not because he is black, but because he is a lying, opportunistic phony and not only do I say this, but many black leaders that can see what is happening.

I’m proud to say that my father taught me and I taught my children to never distinguish by skin color only by character and with the NAACP acting as it is, it's tough to understand why I made such an effort. I know why, because not all Black people subscribe to the NAACP and NBP the same as not all White people subscribe to the KKK. Honest Black and White Americans are tired of all this.

The black and white members in the Tea Party, and in America, in general are interested in Freedom, and less Government Regulation, and a country free from Terrorists, and Socialism. A country with lower taxes, and jobs for Legal citizens, and less spending by the Federal Government, for all Americans and not by the color of anyone's skin. Whenever I hear those words by MLK, Jr. and see what he went through to bring civil rights to blacks in this country, it makes me sick inside. It makes me sick inside because he did so much and after he died, they gave into the Left, let the Left use them, and now they are reaping what they have sown - a community with all kinds of problems, including unwed mothers, gangs and drugs. Not all, of course, but I am not blind and I’m sure many other people both white and black are not either.
When I heard that disgusting man from the New Black Panther Party speak, it made me sick! It absolutely sickens me, as much as watching someone from the Klan speak there crap, or even listening to Muslims speak about the West and other non-Muslims. It's nothing but HATE and it disgusts me to my very core. Kill the crackers, kill their babies, and on and on I could go. Where is the NAACP here. Why have they not spoke out against this?
We must stand together against this hate, as MLK, Jr. did - peacefully, in unity. And then we will prevail. Love will conquer all. It will not be the NAACP, THE BLACK PANTERS, THE KKK, or Obama with his change, as he calls it, it will be because the American people of all races get down on their knees and seek the “ONE” who can truly bring about change. Let us all have a dream like Doctor King did and then, with God’s helping hand, seek to put that into place.

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