Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Back Door

Tens of thousands of convicted felons, including murderers and sex offenders, on a regular basis, are crossing our border along just one section of the border with Mexico, according to a new documentary called "Southern Exposure: Battle for the Border.". This documentary is truly revealing and shocking. Every American should view this film. According to this documentary border patrol agents capture one out of every three or four illegal migrants, that is 15 percent of the aliens caught in the Tucson sector are convicted felons. That's 57,000 convicts. These are just the major ones such as homicides, sex offenders is one of the top three. These aliens, (The sex offenders) are arrested by police, do some jail time, then they are deported, and the Border Patrol later catches them re-entering the United States. While U.S. sex offenders have to register where they live, (which is a good thing) alien sexual predators could be in anyone's neighborhood stalking children and the local police know nothing. What is wrong with this picture?.

In the fifteen percent of the bad guys, there were a lot of MS-13, La Familia, SureƱos – all the Mexican and South American gangs. So the ones that didn't get caught, which is more than did get caught, they come and they do their same gang thing here in the United States that they do below the border. It will not be long before the same thing is happening on the same scale as it is in Mexico right here in our country and your state. The ground work is in the process right now. We need to wake up to that fact. Where is our federal government? What are they doing to protect us?

Considering the Border Patrol's conservative estimate, if one third of the Tucson, Arizona intruders, that crossed our borders illegally, were apprehended last year, another 756,000 entered through that area alone and have disappeared throughout our country. So, if fifteen percent are convicts and criminals, just about 113,400 dangerous individuals entered the U.S. through that one sector in just one year. But our federal government would rather sue the state of Arizona because they are trying to protect their people. The same is coming to your state, so look out!

along our border with Mexico thirteen Border Patrol sections and agents are responsible for more than 8,600 linear miles. It's possible that more than a million illegal aliens enter the U.S. every year. And, according to the documentary "Southern Exposure," the mass migration crisis began in the 1990s. The U.S. Border Patrol's priority mission is preventing terrorists and their weapons from entering the U.S. Despite the Secure Fence Act of 2006, this year the Department of Homeland Security halted construction on barriers in the southwest. Why would they do this?

Most of the time, illegal’s travel under the cover of night, and one resident of Cochise County, Ariz., says she has seen 30 to 40 drug smugglers wearing black masks and marching like military platoons on her property. This documentary provide several other eyewitness accounts and plenty of video proof of drug and human traffickers invading the Southwest. "Southern Exposure" reveals desert trails polluted with garbage, women's underwear hanging like trophies on "rape trees" and the corpses of would-be migrant workers – burned and dehydrated by the sun. It seems supporters on all sides of this illegal Alien dispute will agree that most of illegal aliens are looking for work, but few of these debaters mention that these same poor people are indebted to the drug cartel and their coyotes. The coyotes charge migrants up to $3,000 for entry into the U.S., but they offer to cut the extortion fees if the criminals will become drug mules. Then the cartels make millions more by selling the drugs to Americans. Where is our government?

The Border Patrol man power levels are far too low. The Border Patrol has told of guerrilla tactics used by the coyotes. Some coyotes pay decoys to distract the Border Patrol agents while hordes of other traffickers invade the U.S.; some use children to cry for help and lure agents into the line of fire coyotes also assassinate law enforcement officers and murder ranchers on their own land. Once again I ask, where is our government? In the documentary "Southern Exposure," you can see the alarming images of the severed heads of Mexicans. The makers of this documentary said, and made the point that the images need to be revealed to convey the level of crisis that exists along the Mexican border. They also said that these savage crimes likely are committed by Islamists. My, What a surprise!, or is it?

"There is a belief by law enforcement and former border law enforcement that there's a connection of some kind between Muslim terrorist and what's happening on the border with the drugs and the illegals. Law enforcement agencies has been studying the circumstances of these beheadings for a long time and this violence is not common or prevalent among Mexican criminals."

The simple facts are, The Department of Homeland Security are very misleading and I also do not think they are to be trusted. The Americans people need to know this. One Border Patrol Supervisor told the film makers off-camera he was being asked to cook the books." No surprise there! In another report to the Department of Home Land Security, this previous supervisor's officers said they had spotted 900 illegal but un-apprehended migrants. A DHS manager returned the report to him with the number "900" scratched out and changed to "0" (zero). Why is this happening?

Last year, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, President Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon all claimed that 90 percent of weapons used by the Mexican cartels came from the U.S. However, according to "Southern Exposure," in 2008 the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives analyzed 24 percent of 30,000 cartel weapons seized by the Mexican government and found only 55 percent were traceable, and 87 percent of those came from the U.S. That's less than 12 percent of the total purportedly seized. So the video-makers and some of their law enforcement sources believe the exaggerations are a political ploy to disarm the American people. It is sad when the American people cannot, even, believe their own government. "Southern Exposure" also gives insight on Arizona's immigration law. It is full of interviews and meetings with state lawmakers, sheriffs, pro-amnesty humanitarian and religious groups, as well as Hispanic Americans discussing security and immigration. This documentary covers Marxist and Socialist campaigns to provoke racism and the killing of "gringos," and they catch ACORN in the mix.

How can the president of the United States and Eric Holder sue a sovereign state for a law that does nothing more than copy the federal law?" Most of the people in Arizona are fed up because the federal government will do nothing to help stop this problem.. Now that 22 states are drafting or proposing legislation like Arizona's immigration law. I'm curious to see if the Obama government is going to sue every state. Because if it does, there's going to be one heck of a revolution." The bottom line to all this is that most of the American people are getting fed up with the problems along our borders and what is spilling over to other states.

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