Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Call For New Legislation

Obama’s support for a major repair of our immigration laws is not looking good at all. Obama's called this week for new legislation and for passing new laws, his laws that he wants, will only make matters much worse. This does not take care of the existing problems that all of us face every day. It does not help the problem that is already here and getting worse by the hour. Unemployment is now on the brink of 10 percent, the country and the most of its citizens do not want, or need, to increase the number of illegal immigrants or even short-term workers in the U.S. We cannot entirely resolve the troublesome and difficult problem of illegal immigration with the facts that the Obama administration is putting out. But an open and honest debate on immigration is difficult with so much misinformation on the problems that are being circulated by the Obama administration. Nothing is transparent with Obama, although that was all you heard during his campaign. He has a agenda that I believe will destroy this country and to even go one step further I think he wants to destroy this country. That is what his “CHANGE” is all about.

You will hear from this administration that crime is down among illegals, the illegals only want to do the jobs that Americans will not do, and the list goes on and on. Do not buy into that! Sad to say if you really see for yourself and not listen to the right or the left you will quickly see how misleading these statements really are.

These so called facts, even if they were true, do not justify our current president ignoring illegal’s that cross our border by the thousands every day. Every nation, or state, has the right -- and obligation -- to protect its borders and its citizens. If more people do not voice their concerns about this matter we are looking at a depression that will finally ruin this country. Sometimes I think that is the real agenda of Obama and his cronies. Let us look at the real facts. The ones that you never hear from Obama and his left wing crowd.

American people do want the jobs and would take the jobs that the illegal’s are getting, but there is just no way the average American can compete for these jobs. WHY? The facts are the illegals will work for much less. And why is that? If you would take the time and see for yourself, as I did, you would see four and five families living in one house, and this is house after house. So this means everything is split up between the four or five families and everything is cheaper for them. In other words they can work for much less. How can the American worker compete with that? You can’t! You cannot tell me that they only do the jobs that American people will not do because it is not so. Go see for yourself before it is to late. They have taken over just about every trade there is in this country. This is why our economy is being ruined. This is another reason why the unemployment is up. And it is going to really surge if something is not done soon to stop this wave of illegals from crossing our borders and taking our jobs.

Our health system is in a real mess. Obama with his Government run health plan and the illegals flooding our hospital emergency rooms, with none life threat ing problems, we are doomed in that area also. Hospitals all across this nation are closing because of money problems caused mainly by the illegals. The hospitals cannot deny treatment and the illegals are taking much advantage of this. Americans need to wake up and get the facts their self, not by what some person in Washington tell them. You will never get the truth from them. Makes no difference if they are republican or democrat, “THEY LIE”. The democrats want that vote and the republicans want the cheap labor. It is to hell with this country and it is what will line their pockets. It is what will keep them in office. All this while our nation is being ruined.

Obama wants to spread the wealth around. How much more of our hard earned dollars is there for him to spread around?

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