Monday, October 19, 2009

TOTAL CONTROL – Here A Little and There A Little

Here a little and there a little we are losing our freedoms in this country and most Americans cannot even see it. They just go with the flow. Our Founding Fathers recognized and knew that the armed common folk was the greatest and most effective means of defense against an oppressive government, which explains why most liberal Democrats have been trying to do away with the Second Amendment for years. To do away with a free people's firearms is instant people control. They are no longer free. History proves that. As the United States spirals toward a one world government we are losing our means of defending that 2nd amendment more every day. We are so close to a one world government that it could happen in the very near future.  Obama has czars that want a one world government, so you know what they are working for, unrestrained, answering only to Obama. We now have a president who will give this nation away in a heartbeat and even though he will not admit it he is not for gun ownership. What he is for, is total control over everything.

We do not need or want a dictator (someone who wants to be in total control) or a dictatorial government that rules over everybody and  everything. A government ruling with absolute power over a population has always presented the greatest danger to the citizens of any nation, Our Freedoms that was put forth in the Declaration that come from God have always been despised and hated  by evil and ignorant men. I can think of no other time in our nation's history when our God given rights and freedoms have been endangered by a list of statistics and worthless gun control laws, as well as other worthless laws, by liberal politicians, communist, and socialist, who hate every building block upon which our nation rests. We have people that have been elected to our government at all levels that hate this country and would tear it down if they could. And if they need help in doing it the Obama appointed Czars will help in tearing it down. We have a president and a attorney general who are one hundred per cent behind gun control and other laws that take away your freedom.

 What is the real purpose of gun control? The government would have you to believe it is to prevent crime and for the peoples best interest. The states and cities in this country that have the most strictest gun laws, that is where crime is the highest. For example, Washington, DC and Chicago. The government is using gun control laws to do what they want. It is for people control. Gun registration allows the government to know that you own guns, what kind they are and where you live. THAT INFORMATION should be none of their business. Most of the present gun laws are not to keep the citizen safe even though that is what they would have you to believe. These laws were made to lay the ground work for the government to knock at your door and taking every gun that you have and it will come to that very thing in the near future.
Keep an eye on the development of the Obama Civilian Security Force (what was once known as the "Gestapo" a little over 60 years ago in a country called Germany). He said this security force would only be answerable to him. When these people start showing up, it'll will be all over. You will have to turn over your fire arms because it will be the law.

The new Attorney General's Guidelines for Domestic (within the United States) FBI Operations authorize the FBI without going to a court to open a investigation and to give an assessment of any American without any exact information based on fact to open that investigation. Such 'assessments' allow the use of invasive practices  to secretly and underhandedly collect information on people suspected of no wrongdoing and in no way are connected with any foreign entity. What is happening here is the total loss of our freedom. Obama has expressed no objections to these far-reaching revisions of the Constitution in a founding document he used to educate students about it at the University of Chicago. His attorney general, Eric Holder, said during his Senate confirmation hearing: "The guidelines are necessary because the FBI is changing its mission  from a pure investigating agency to one that deals with national security." This the same Eric Holder who said, while George W. Bush was president: "I never thought that I would see the day when a president would act in direct defiance of federal law by authorizing warrantless NSA (National Security Agency) surveillance of American citizens." Obama now has a unrestrained FBI and it will get even worse if he is allowed to start his national security force.

The Second Amendment was designed as a way for the people to maintain their freedom by giving them the tools to resist repressive government. Doing away with or changing the 2nd amendment will be the cause of all our other rights to be taken from us. Gun ownership (the right to bear arms) was never about hunting or stopping a burglar even though they are certainly a great benefit of gun ownership and always will be. The greatest danger to life and our freedoms in this world is government. That has always been the case. Down through the years it has always been that way. For examples look at Russia, China, Germany, Cambodia and on and on. Now we are seeing the same thing in this country. I think that it is now being called: "CHANGE". And that change is from a capitalist form of government to a communist form of government.  Making sure the government knows the population is fully capable of resisting goes a long way toward keeping that government on the right track. There is always a cost for freedom. The price is always high. Being unwilling to accept the cost guarantees the loss of freedom. A dictator or a dictatorial government has always presented the greatest danger to the citizens of any country including ours, Our Freedoms listed in the Declaration that come from God have always been despised by evil and ignorant men. I can think of no other time in our nation's history when our God given rights and freedoms are being endangered by a list of laws made mostly by people who hate every building block and joint upon which our nation rests than this present time in our history. Our country is at a cross road and all conservatives, gun owners, and people who believe in our Constitution (as the founding fathers laid it out) need to stand up and be counted. The weapons of these people are deception, dishonesty, deceitfulness, confusion, a "in the tank" news media, just plain outright lies, and the power of government itself. These weapons are far more dangerous to our country than the fire arms that law abiding citizens own.

If you are a gun owner you must realize that gun control is not the only freedom issue we have in this country. There is a list of issues that need to be spoken about. Government takeover of banks, lending institutions, the takeover of private business, the automobile industry, and health care, the taking of your hard earned money and spreading it around, and this is only the start. Appointing czars that are not answerable to you, the American citizen, as to how they run the country. That was not how our country is founded. Some of these Czars are proven communist and socialist. Here a little and there a little we are heading to a government that will have 100% control over every aspect of your life. Our freedoms and way of life as Americans are under attack and soon will be gone" HEAR A LITTLE AND THERE A LITTLE"

May God have mercy on our nation and open the eyes of more and more of its people to rise up against the vile and deliberate attempts to erode our freedoms, to take the creator out of things, and turn our nation into a communist slave state. Laugh if you want but that is what is happening right before your eyes AMERICA. Do you have the same amount of freedom that you had twenty years ago, ten years ago, or even five years ago? The answer is no! Is the government bigger or smaller than it was ten years ago? We all know it is bigger! If the Constitution does not mean EXACTLY what it says, according to the plain meaning of the words as understood at the time it was written, (and it does)  then there is no point to having a written constitution at all. What good is it. Our form of government was formed the way it was to have checks and balances so no certain branch of government could not have it all and become a threat to the common folk of this country. But look what is happening before your very eyes, the supreme court is now in the business of trying to make laws instead of interpreting the law, the congress do not care about or will listen to the citizens. All they want is their liberal agenda passed and their ear marks attached to bills that are passed, Then we have a president that wants TOTAL CONTROL over everything, even a police officer doing his job. It is time not only for gun owners to take heed but for all true Americans to do the same thing. You need to ask yourself this question: "IS THIS THE AMERICA THAT I GREW UP IN?"

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