Tuesday, June 7, 2016


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I was born in 1946. That makes me seventy plus years old and for the most part I have always been a Christian first and a conservative second. In my seventy years of life I have seen a lot of presidential elections but none like the one that is in progress now. I have to say this presidential election is so scary that it can make one think what is happening here. Are these the best we got? To me both candidates are scary and it makes me think what in the world is going on. We have Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton as the front runners. Neither are, in my opinion, good choices to be commander and chief of our country. But of course my opinion along with others like me does not make much difference when we vote because if you stop and think about it, it never does. For the poor man, the working man, and the God fearing man it never does. It is the same old, same old, just a different spin on it.

We have the Democrat party with Hillary as their pick for president and her record {speaks for itself} as far back as Watergate. It is one of lies and deceit. Also the Democrat Party and their record also speak for its self. If Hillary is elected as president it will be at least four more years of Obama's policy's which have just about brought us to the breaking point. We have pure chaos in America and the government lies about everything. Obama said when he was elected he was going to have a transparent presidency. And that never happen. The only thing that has happened is the change he promised and that was one of dismantling and destroying America. It is amazing what freebies will do when it comes to voting for someone. Our military is growing weaker all the time, we have open borders that allow drug smugglers, Islamic terrorist, and criminals come across nearly unopposed. We are trillions in debt and we have more debt now under Obama than with all the other presidents, democrat and republican combined. With the election of Hilary these policies will continue. 

Let’s not leave Bernie out or the mix. It is a sad day in America when we have a socialist {communist} running for the highest office in our land. As I look back at the Korean War and the Vietnam War where thousands upon thousands of our young men died on the battle field and spilled their blood to fight communist aggression and here it is right at our door, with the young men of today applauding it. God have mercy on America.

The Republican Party has Trump as their candidate for presidency. I'm sorry folks but to some degree that bothers me too. To me he does not have the right temperament for the highest position in our country. With him we could be at war in a heartbeat because of what someone has said to him. I have not heard from him how he would bring some of the things that he has promised to pass. Unless he has had a change of heart about some things he has said in years gone by we are in big trouble with him if he is elected, because he sounds like and has promoted Liberal Democrat policies. The Republican Party is just about a do nothing party as you can get. For the past seven plus years they have did nothing or very little to stop Obama's policy's. Although I will vote for Trump to keep Hillary out of the presidency I still have some problems with him. Only time will tell.  Above all we must not let Hillary near the White House. 

A few years ago I finally realized that the Republican Party was not much different than the Democrat party. When Bush #1 was pushing a one world government that did it for me as far as the Republican Party and most of their leaders. With both parties it is not the will of the honest working folks but what is best for them and the special interest groups who put them into office. We have dead people voting and more than once, dogs voting and now illegal’s voting. And now to top all that we have super delegates that can over ride the peoples vote. So where does the average American fit in like you and I.  The answer is we don't fit in! Both parties turn their head when it comes to illegal’s crossing the border. One party closes their eyes for the votes they will bring and the other party closes their eyes because it is cheap labor. 

Our nation has no morality anymore and no leader or leaders to bring it back to our Christian roots.. We have homosexuals parading on our streets, same sex marriage, uni sex bathrooms, transgender rights, and most of all the degrading of the Christian religion, the Bible, and many other things. People are calling bad good and good bad. We as a Christian nation have no one in office to stand in the gap and fight for our rights.

The seniors of this nation who are living on their social security retirements and the veterans of this nation {some living on the streets} can get very little help or no help at all while Muslim refugees and illegal’s get all kinds of help from the government What is wrong with that picture?

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