Monday, June 13, 2016

America Without God

This past January I turned seventy years old and as I look back on my life I have come to realize how much America has changed and not for the good either.

I remember in my younger years how much school was a part of my life. I went to school on a bus and never once had to worry about it being rowdy. If it was the bus driver stopped and the person who was behind it all was made to get off the bus, and when he got home he knew that he was in trouble and what is waiting for him. Now kids for the most part can be rowdy and do what they want on the bus and if the bus driver steps in most of the time he or she are the one in trouble.

When we got to school and went inside there was no presents of a police officer walking the halls. There were no drugs sold there, only a happy bunch of kids for the most part wanting to be there. There was no disrespect for teachers and if there was it would not be a next time. We all said pledge allegiance to the flag, prayed, and  each student to their turn each reading from the Bible the Bible which was always found on top of the teachers desk. You will not see it there today and we wonder how our schools are in the shape they are in today.

At Christmas time we had school plays about the birth of our Savior. We were told the reason for the season. We sang Christmas carols such as Silent Night and Away In A Manger, but not no more. For the most part there is no Christmas in our schools any more just Happy Holidays. And we wonder why our kids are like they are. You soon see the reason why so many thousands of parents are home schooling their kids. No the liberals are trying to change the history books, and now we have a new system of teaching which is called common core. Hillary Clinton says that it takes a whole village to raise a child and you can look out if she is elected president, it is the parents that have the responsibilities for raising a child but the government wants to do that for you. No village raised my kids nor will they raise my grand kids.

I was taught when I was growing up that if you did not work you did not eat, how that is changed now. People depend on the government for everything, including free cell phones, free food, free everything because they are told the government owes it to them. For the most part we are living in a worthless generation run by a worthless government. People are being deceived everyday and they like it. We have whole families living in government housing today that is the third and fourth generation that has never worked a day in their life. The government has given them their way of life. Free food, free housing, free medical, free pocket money, and free everything. Now we are giving freebies to illegal’s and freebies to people coming from the middle east while our seniors and veterans go without. This is not the America I was raised in!

Back in 2006 Obama said “Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation."  I hate to say it but he is just about right. Christians in this country are being persecuted more all the time for what they believe in. we have a ungodly man as our president and just about anything is okay with him.  Abortion {late term}, homosexuals, transgender, and men using women’s bath rooms. I do not know if he is not right in the head or just pure evil. You just have to wonder.

I worry so much about the future of my grand kids and your kids and grand kids in a nation without God, because amazingly, there are some people in this country who approve of the direction in which America is headed. They see nothing wrong with the anything goes’ mindset. Their focus is on outward appearance, or selfish pleasure, rather than inward integrity. “He who dies with the most toys…wins” could very well be their motto. Any moral standard is okay if it gets them what they want. I think they are called the “Whatcha goanna give me crowd”Sad to say there are others, who do not approve of what is happening in our nation, know the cause, but continue to stand by in silent submissiveness, as decisions are made that directly affect them and those they love.  These people, knowingly or unknowingly, are still part of the problem. There is a solution to this problem and that is to live by the standards that God gave us. He made us and He made us to live in a certain way. We were created to live in a Holy loving relationship with Him and His Son. Any other way of life is a distortion of the ideal. Living any other way than God what has prescribed will end up in heartache, sorrow, misery, and disappointment.One more thing that I want to add before I close is this, If you claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ you sin if you vote for anybody that does not condemn abortion, same sex marriages, and any other thing that is a sin. Don’t forget that my friend. Woe to you who call good evil and evil good.

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