Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Obama The Destroyer

Apparently Barack Obama is so concerned about his legacy and how he will go down in history that he has not realize that it has been set for years. He will go down in history as the first president of the United States who wanted to take down and destroy his own country.He did make a change as he promised when he campaigned. He is doing a pretty good job of destroying our country.  His latest outrage of the Iran Nuclear Deal is a prime example. Before he took office, the United States was the superpower of the world; he has weakened this country so badly that nobody fears us now. This is why we now see Russia re-emerging as the focus of evil in the world.

Now he has acted stupidly and has handed Iran its biggest wish of having a nuclear weapon capable of destroying its neighbors and the United States.You must be right down stupid or Obama knows what he is doing. I believe it is the the latter.  All the historic work Ronald Reagan did to defeat Russia, win the Cold War and make the world safe has been wiped out. This want-to-be dictator (Obama) has done so much damage that it will take years to correct it, if it can ever be corrected. Whatever Republican takes back the White House in 2016 will have a massive job restoring this country. It will take years to bring back dignity and respect to the White House thanks to Obama. 

Race has not been as much of an issue since the Civil War, but look what Obama is doing. He has declared war on his own military, and now on law enforcement. People in uniform are dying because this president will not take a stand on anything. Democrats and liberals should be proud of their hero. Thanks for forcing him on us.

The Gun is Not The Problem

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