Monday, June 30, 2014


For a person to believe that our federal government will protect them from harm they have to be out of touch. The federal government cannot even protect its own people as we have all seen in the past few years at the border, Fort Hood, and the Benghazi massacre. The American people have more and more rights taken from them every year, but the right to own and protect  their self with a fire arm is at the top of the list.
"It is just irrational and not consistent for any government, such as the United States to say people have a right to life and a right to defend their selves but no right to own the necessary things to defend their lives and the lives of their loved ones. It does not add up when any government says its police have no responsibility and neither do they have a commitment to give individual protection and then deny people the means or rights to protect themselves.
Waiting for the police to come a life could be lost. It is morally wrong for a government such as the United States that repeatedly releases people who murder, steel, rape, and rob (Such as the 200 plus Mexican illegal's, the worst of the worst, that were released not long ago) to prey on people again and then to tell those victims of crimes and the American public they cannot have a weapon for self-defense. Who will protect the people from all the terrorist that want to see all Americans and all Christians dead? Who will protect us from criminals that already have guns? One thing is for sure we; the people cannot put any trust in the federal government to protect us.
The government and the president (Obama) do nothing to protect us. Our borders are wide open. Illegals are swarming across and all kinds of dangerous people come with them while the government does nothing. It’s brainless for a government, such as the United States that can’t control criminals, the border, drugs or illegals to claim it can take guns away from criminals only if honest folks will give up theirs. Never have I heard such dogma from people who claim to be our leaders and educated people. When you live in a country that you no longer feel safe in, it is time to re think the dogma the politicians are putting out about gun control.
Gun-control proposals and laws are an offense to main stream Americans. Gun control by meaning affects only honest and trust worthy people. A criminal is not going to abide by any law. When a politician tells you he wants to forbid you from owning a firearm or force you to get a license, he is telling you he doesn’t trust you. That’s an insult. From years I was a police officer and was trusted with a fire arm. But now I have to ask and be at their (the politicians) mercy when I want to buy a gun or own one. I have to get their approval.
They trust American people with all kinds of fire arms when they want them to go war. But when those gallant men and women take off their uniforms and return to their homes and take on the responsibility for their families’ safety, all of a sudden the politicians don’t trust these very people who defended America to own a gun. How can they justify that? Gun control is not really about guns or crime. They (the government} would have you to believe that but it is about leaders that fears the common people and want more control over them."
Most if not all the governors’, senators, and other politicians have armed body guards to protect them or they carry a firearm for their protection. These are the very same politicians that deny you that same right. What is wrong with that picture?
There is coming a time real soon that all Americans had better have a fire arm in their house and know how to use it. No matter if it is a shot gun (Joe Bidden special) or a hand gun. Be prepared. Most people will stock pile food and supplies for safety but they had better throw a gun or two in that mix. Our country is becoming more lawless and perverted every day.

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