Thursday, March 20, 2014

America’s Biggest Problem


Barack Obama, our nation’s leader, is a man who does not believe in America or America’s outstanding record as a nation. He is a president who is not the least bit interested in our national security or is he interested in America's place in the world. He is one that considers our strength part of the world’s problem. He believes that America is the cause of international tension. This is supposedly the leader of the free world thinking this. This is the man that is our President!

Our elected officials and those who are in position of leadership should be devoted and steadfast to the task of restoring the American economy and our national security. Barack Obama is not interested, in the least, in protecting American internally or aboard. A person has to wonder whose side he is on.

I say that because after you consider all the negative things that he has done and wants to do, all the lies he has told and promises to the American people he has made he sure is not for the American people. Think about this - we're talking about a president who did utterly nothing to punish the murder of our Ambassador in Benghazi, by Al-Qaeda terrorists and then to top it off covered it up with a lie.

As Americans we should not and cannot accept an America that is weak and declining, a military that is poorly equipped and is not capable of standing firm against aggression home and abroad. God has shed His grace on this country and we should never forget that. Americans must never accept an American president who is weak, dithering, and apologetic and sorry about America's position and leadership in the world. We must never accept a president that can look into the TV camera and lie, one who trashes our economy and destroys our military,

The only true statement that he has made to the American people is that he wants to transform “CHANGE” America and that he is doing with a pen and his telephone while congress and the American people stand by and do nothing.

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