Sunday, February 23, 2014

Republic or Dictatorship

When I was growing up in the small village of Harmony I would watch many World War two movies where anarchy, lawlessness, and bad things happened when leaders like Hitler, Mussolini, and others ruled their countries with the attitude it was their way or the highway or you will do as I say. Now in our present day the word “lawlessness” seems to be applied to the actions of the President of the United States. It seems that he would like to be either King or a dictator. The facts are all there. I was always taught from my youth up that there were and still are three branches of government, Administrative, Legislative and Judicial. Both branches of our congress had to agree and then the president agreeing and signing the Bill.

It looks like our President (Obama) thinks that he has power over all three branches which would be the same totalitarianism. In other words a dictatorship

I never thought or assumed that I, or any other person in this country would ever be concerned or troubled about that problem in this country but we need only to look at the actions of Obama and how he has dealt with certain issues. When we stop and look what has happened and what is happening in this country today it is very plain to see that Obama is trying to be a dictator.

Obama reprimand the Supreme Court in his State of the Union speech for the whole world to hear over a decision the court made on campaign contributions as the Democrats stood and cheered. If a person would take time to look you will now see that only his appointees attend the speeches. Certain people of his own party are backing away from him.

He all but told them how they should vote on Obama Care before any decision was made. Unfortunately Justice Roberts, by ignoring the Commerce clause, decided it was a tax and supported the law, otherwise we would not be in the mess we are in on health care. And this Obama Care law is a mess. We have confusion, disorder, and just plain chaos with this law. Changes are being made just about on a daily bases.

It is the Senate’s responsibilities to approve the president’s appointees but he has appointed members of the Labor Relations Board who have made hundreds of decisions in union cases favoring the unions. While the Senate was in session during the time and the courts decided twice that the appointments were flawed and yet they are still there. Why is this? The President has tried to force them in by continuing their appointment, and his partner Harry Reid has allowed no vote on their approval. They are still there. Not by the choice of the American people, but by the dictatorship of Obama.

Obama and his Secretary of State have made an agreement with Iran that does not have the approval of the Senate, to lift sanctions on one of the most ruthless countries in the world. This is a country whose leaders are full of hate not only for Israel, bur for the United States also. Obama also agreed to pay eight billion dollars to Iran with the first payment of five hundred and fifty million already sent. How far would that money go to help America? Al this while Iran is most likely still making the nuclear bomb which they would used on America in a split second.

Obama has over and over again made changes to Obama Care that is financial and seriously affects the financial structure of the law (and this country) without going back to Congress and getting their approval. This awful piece of legislation has already cost millions of American people their health care. However Obama decides what he will delay and what will go ahead. This is called a dictator. Obama just does not think the law applies to him. Just look at this statement he made: “I have a pen and a telephone and will use it if the Congress does not do what I believe has to be done.”

Obama is now implementing attacks on this country’s coal industry (Which will cost this country thousands of jobs.), the trucking industry and commerce, setting up environmental laws, and he has created nearly nine hundred Executive Orders which are more than double all of the orders issued by the previous forty three presidents combined. That means all of them together. That smells like a want to be dictator to me! Time to wake up people!

Do you remember the many things that have happen since he has been in office? Like having the Internal Revenue Service attack certain segments of the other side, wiretapping the media and going after reporters’ parents for no reason? Obama ignored the death of an American ambassador because it might hurt his election campaign. Just look at the Attorney General, our law enforcement officer, lying to the Congress. We have to have an administration that will be honest with the American people. Not get that from Obama.

There is a trend of anarchy seen here in which Obama who is (or says he is) a constitutional law professor, who has completely disregarded the Constitution. America has existed for over 200 years because of the protection of the Constitution and its balance of power. Our country was designed that way by our fore fathers. The American people are being controlled and completely dominated by a man that lies to us, ignores the rule of law, attacks the Judiciary, ignores the Congress and believes that whatever he says is law. That may sound strong to some people but just stop and think. Many brave Americans have died to protect the Constitution, and we, as Americans, cannot let Obama or any other President try to ignore “The Rule of Law” that this country was founded on.

The question is simple. Do we want a Republic or a dictatorship? You decide.

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