Friday, October 4, 2013

Gloom And Doom

How can America spend money that it do not have? America is not going broke. It is broke and one thing is for sure we cannot keep printing money that is becoming more worthless all the time and we cannot keep borrowing money from other countries. You cannot keep raising a debt ceiling with money you do not have. We cannot keep giving out free cell phones for votes and food stamps to people who do not need them. To those who truly need them it is a good thing.

We cannot let our southern border remain open for thousands and thousands of illegals to flood this country and then pay for their housing, food stamps, and medical care. Our prisons are being overrun by illegals and once again they are lodged free of charge and all their medical needs are being taking care of on the tax payers dime. America is going broke and they still come. All because of the votes they can cast at the ballot box, illegal as they may be.

The spending by our leaders is outrages and it still goes on. We have spent billions on so called “shovel ready” projects with stimulus money that we did not have and the “shovel ready” jobs are still there. Instead the money has been blown on jobs that were doomed before they started. You cannot throw money in the air that you don’t have

I am neither a Democrat nor Republican, but I have to say the Republicans are right about their approach to the debt ceiling, even though they are weak in their efforts to stop the spending. Their leader needs to be replaced by someone just as strong minded as Obama. The Republicans are willing to negotiate, but it is Obama who has the attitude that it is his way or the highway. Never before in the history of this country was there a president who has his dictator attitude.

The final straw for this country is this “Obamacare” It will break the back of America. Now that it is enacted and little chance of it being repealed we are going to see full time jobs lost, doctors leaving the profession, and the steady increase of prices on things you buy. It will finally destroy the America that was once the lighthouse for the world.

The bottom line is this; we have a man in the White House that wants to destroy America as we know it. We really know nothing about this man. Where he really is from, hardly anything personal about him and we also know that he is a proven liar. So for the next three years we do not really have a president for all the people, but what we do have is a dictator who rules, not governs.

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